You Need To Practice Aversion To Alcohol … But How?

Unknown to many, alcoholism is one of the most prevalent problems that a lot of people are suffering from. Although some people won’t admit the fact that they are more than just “casual” and “social” drinkers, the statistics taken from the National Library Of Medicine will show that a large percentage of Americans are actually suffering from alcoholism.

Alcoholism in the U.S

As you can see in the data above, almost 40% of people from the U.S. who are ages 18 to 44 drink five or more alcoholic drinks at least one day in a year. And although this data was released for 2010, the fact remains that alcoholism is one of the deadliest yet most often overlooked problems that many people are suffering from today.

According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention or CDC¬†(, “excessive alcohol use is the 3rd leading lifestyle-related cause of death for people in the United States each year.”. If that isn’t enough to convince you that alcohol aversion is something that you should try to practice, just listen to the news and notice how many problems and crimes often start due to too much drinking of alcohol.


Why Is Alcohol Aversion Important?

For health reasons, one must really understand that drinking too much alcohol is not a good idea. Because alcohol is a downer that dulls your most important body senses, you will not able to perform to your fullest potential if you are intoxicated with too much alcohol. Furthermore, alcohol can also cause problems in the future such as scarring of the liver and even liver cancer. If you value your life and you want to grow old healthy, alcohol aversion at a young age is something that you should definitely practice.

How Can You Avoid Alcoholism?

There are many causes of alcoholism and each situation differs from person to person. For example, some people drink alcohol and become alcoholics because of personal problems that they cannot solve by themselves so they turn to drinking. Other people are also affected by peer pressure and they are often coerced into drinking by their buddies and friends.

The need to become accepted inside a group and become “social” is also another reason why people start to drink more than what is necessary. And if you combine all the reason sabove with stress and personal dissatisfaction with life, that is often the root with which alcoholism starts to grow.

To avoid alcoholism, you must practice alcohol aversion at all times. If your friends and peers force you to drink but you don’t want to, respectfully decline their offer and try to stick with your decision. If you have a big problem that you cannot seem to solve by yourself, ask the help of a counselor or a doctor. Alcohol is not the solution to your problems and the sooner that you realize that the faster you will learn the power of alcohol aversion.

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