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Is it really possible for one to Become Super Intelligent?

Not only is it possible for you to become super intelligent, but you can increase your intelligence in the next ten minutes, using these simple techniques.

Would you like to know the secrets of becoming super intelligent?  You can use brain power exercises and techniques which are designed to help you long-term.  These special technique are available when you listen to Secrets of Super Intelligence for 30 Days.

But would you like just a taste and a quick brain fix right now? Maybe you have an important meeting coming up, or a crucial test you must pass. If you want some quick results, try some of the following.

Breath To Increase Intelligence

Breath deeply through your nose. Breathing deeply relaxes you and puts more oxygen in your blood (and therefore in your brain). Since relaxation has been proven to improve brain function, and low oxygen levels in the blood have been shown to decrease it, you benefit doubly from deep breathing.

Meditation also helps, partly because of the focus on breathing. A simple breath-watching meditation allows true relaxation, and is conducive to creative problem solving. Close your eyes and breath through your nose, deeply at first, then in whatever way is comfortable. Thoughts will arise, but just dismiss them and return your attention to your breath. Continue this for at least a few minutes.

Move Your Body

Your physiology affects your state of mind, and helps you to think more clearly. Here’s an experiment to prove this to yourself. First, attempt to solve math problems in your head while slouching, with your mouth open. Then break that state … and sit up straight with your lips together.  Now solve those math problems, and notice how much sharper your brain functions.

Exercise will also get the blood pumping. This can “wake up” your brain and help you think better. Walking works best for many, but any aerobic activity can greatly improve your brain function.

You probably knew that sleep can help brain function. However, evidence shows that the quality of sleep is very important, not just the quantity.

Intelligence Enhancing Foods

Ginkgo biloba leaves, whether in capsules or tea or off a neighbors tree, have been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, helping memory and concentration. The effect is quick, and doesn’t seem to diminish with regular use.

Use caffeine. Everything from test scores on college exams to chess games have been shown to improve after a cup of coffee or other drink containing caffeine. However, it is a temporary effect, and caffeine may have adverse long-term effects for regular users.

Avoid sugar. Any simple carbohydrates taken in large quantities can give you a sluggish feeling that makes it difficult to think. Insulin is dumped into your veins after the sugar is, giving you the “sugar blues.” Avoid white flour, sugar, potatoes, and other carbohydrates when you need a clear mind.

Permanent Results

Of course, these quick fixes will help you get short term boost of Super Intelligence.  But, to get permanent results, listening to our Secrets of Super Intelligence is a surefire way to dramatically increase your intelligence over the long haul so that you have a more intelligently thinking mind available at your command for all situations where intelligence is needed.

Now you are equipped with the tools and information to become super intelligent.

Get smarter now.  Use the above tips for quick boosts, but for more long-term permanent results Use Secrets of Super Intelligence Daily for 30 Days and watch how much easier you accomplish tasks that require Mind Power.

Become Super Intelligent


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  • Jahleads

    I have been doing well in problem solving but I want to get better than I am-I want to do it extraordinarily.
    I have been a self-thought student trying my best but I want to take it to the greater level.
    So, how or what more can I do to accomplish this feat in a year or two?
    How can I train myself to become a genius?

  • Anonymous

    This is extremely ludicrous! No one can get “smarter” it’s all part of genetics and DNA. Although brain excercises may help improve memory and visualisation, it will not make you smarter. Those things sont make a person smarter! We all have brains, so if think your not smart then your not using your brain. You have to push yourself and work and study to get good grades and a good future.