Do Hypnosis CDs Work?

Let’s start with hypnosis in and of itself.  Hypnosis is extremely effective when the hypnotist and the hypnotic subject are in good rapport with each other and when done properly. One of the most persistent questions in this field is “do Hypnosis CDs really work?”. The following article will try to answer this question and explain the meaning of true hypnotism.

Do Hypnosis CDs Work? One of the most important factors when it comes to effective hypnosis is the subject having a good understanding of exactly what it is and having faith and belief in the process.  Practically anyone can be hypnotized … as a matter of fact, most people spend parts of their day in hypnosis without even realizing what it is.  There’s an old adage that states, “All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis”  and if a hypnotic subject can keep in mind that it comes down to their own willingness to be guided and to use their imagination as best as possible, then hypnosis absolutely can work wonders.  The reason being simply that we are connecting with the Subconscious mind which is where all of the parts of you that you have not been able to successfully change with your conscious will power before, are stored. Asking the question “does hypnosis work” without really wanting to be guided is a self-defeating argument that will only lead to your failure.

If you understand the facts and you have read any research about it, you will come to realize hypnosis does work quite well. Now, the question about whether this same theory holds true with hypnosis CDs.  Are they effective at getting people to change as much as a live one-on-one session?

Hypnosis CD as a key element for self-hypnosis

The fact of the matter is, a live one-on-one session can be extremely powerful because you have more than one entity in the room … But … what you don’t have is the repetition that Hypnosis CDs can provide.  Still, one MUST be committed and desire the change and be motivated to at least least to the hypnosis session on a daily basis. That being said, some hypnosis CDs work better than others.  

What will make one work better than another has to do largely with the way the suggestions are formulated.  You see, everyone is different and responds differently to suggestions.  A good hypnotherapist will be able to capture the thinking of a variety of listeners based on their experience with building rapport as well as their creative writing skills and how much time and energy they put into that aspect.

Another factor has to do with the quality, tone, rate, and pitch of the voice.  And this is something some hypnotists are naturally gifted with and some have to aspire toward.

It all starts with the right Frame Of Mind

All in all, if you have the right attitude and believe you can change, then by all means, choosing a hypnosis CD can be wonderful method to change your your thinking, your feelings, your actions, and your behavior.

I generally suggest people listen to their hypnosis for 30 days in a row and at least once or twice per day … leaving time between listening.

Also, it is best to focus on just one issue during each session.  If you want to work on more than one issue at a time … set aside a special second listening time for the other issue you are working on and listen to that session once a day for 30 days as well.

Expect that you will sometimes lose your focus and drift into a daydream.  Just whenever you notice it, bring your awareness back to the session as sometimes you are asked to repeat certain suggestions to yourself or imagine yourself visually in a scene .. or even feel things happening in your body.

The key is your subconscious mind is hearing all of the suggestions as long as you are slightly awake, aware, and conscious.

The best time to listen to a hypnosis CD is when you first wake up in the morning.  It’s a wonderful way to start your day.

Be sure to set aside a good 30 minutes of quiet time for yourself and get ready for a wonderful change to happen in your life!


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