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Erection Enhancer - CD

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  • A strong erection, without pills.

  • Improves your sex life.

  • Enjoy the feelings of arousal once more.

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Erection Enhancer

Erection Enhancer - CD

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The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

Are you having trouble getting or keeping a hard erection?

Would you like overcome your erection problems and start enjoying a satisfying sex life again?

Did you know Hypnosis can help you in resolving erectile dysfunction?

Now you can remind your subconscious mind how to get a nice firm erection and enjoy your sex life again!

If you want to enjoy having a hard erection again and be able to have hours of satisfying sexual pleasure, you can be so happy that you chose to use this hypnosis program to help you improve your sex life!

Erection Enhancer Hypnosis is a fantastic way to make noticeable improvements in your sex life and learn how to get and keep an erection again.

You can now be able to easily and naturally create a firm erection, whenever you use the power of your mind to help you overcome erectile dysfunction.

Allow the relaxing effects of hypnosis to put you into a deep trance and bring back with you the ability to get a hard erection. Improve your sex life by listening to this hypnosis program, filled with suggestions that can program your subconscious mind to help you get a firm erection faster and easier than ever.

Victoria's Erection Enhancer Hypnosis Set includes the following mind-blowing hypnosis sessions:

Track 1: Erection Tune-Up

Allows your body to remember the way it felt to be aroused, and have a hard erection. You'll recall just how it naturally it came about. It feels so natural that you don't even think about becoming erect. It just happens all by itself, just by becoming aware of the things that turned you on. You can can distinctly recall what it was that ignited the spark and the burning desire and anchor it in for sex.

Track 2: Men's Erotic Intense Orgasmic Fantasy

This is truly the most erotic sexual fantasy. Purely for your pleasure and enjoyment, although can aid in getting a firm erection as well as overcoming Premature Ejaculation. You can be guided deeply into hypnosis to meet an erotic sexual woman who gives you incredible oral sex!

Now, take your first step to your Firm Erection today and order your copy of Erection Enhancer Hypnosis Today and you can receive both amazing hypnosis sessions, valued at $29 each, for one low price of only $39.00!

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Customer Reviews

Sexual Potency At Will Can Easily Be Under Your Autonomous Control Review by Visuospatial
Not too many years ago, there was a man who was condidered to be an average, ordinary, run of the mill, and even bottom-line mediocre performer, both in his chosen craft and in bed sexually in bed with women. Women, as well as men, felt that he lacked even a small measure of masculinity of any kind. He couldn't even get a date, and the few women he took to bed later called him a 'very lousy lay' who 'just can't get it up.' Then, this same poor performer joined a class which taught him how to manipulate memories in a certain, specific way to change his life, professionally and sexually. This ordinary individual was the actor, Mr. Marlon Brando. As a result of Mr. Brando's acquisition of learning in performing classes about manipulating emotional memories, he zoomed to the top of Hollywood stardom as an exemplar of raw, undeniable masculinity and potency. Now, women lined up around the block for a chance to have sex with Marlon Brando; and for the first time in his entire life, he realized that the key to transforming him into a sexual powerhouse in bed lay right inside his mind and the skillful manipulation of his emotional memories. Now, Marlon Brando could summon up a strong, long-lasting erection anytime he wanted. He had discovered the magical key within his own emotional memories in order to materialize his sexual dreams. In similar manner, as your teacher and guide, Ms. Victoria Gallagher provides you, in "Erection Tune-Up," with the secret keys to your commanding and controlling your erection at will, all attributable to your being able to marshal your memories in just the right sequential way to affect and arouse your penis right now in the present! Now, be keenly aware of this: even at those times when you initially don't feel "horny," you can nevertheless instantaneously evoke just the right trigger from deep inside your subconscious mind to arouse your penis to sexual preparedness and readiness for sexual action! In plain terms, your manhood will never falter or fail you again: you'll always be ready and able to give your sexual partner ungorgettable sexual fulfillment. Moreover, this sexual potency is under your absolute complete control. Ms. Gallagher's disc, "Erection Tune-Up," Disc # One (1), Track # 2, unerringly guides you, step-by-step, to sexual success. You will never again in your sexual life experience anything other than your performing with potent sexual masculinity in bed with your sexual partner. And, each time that you enjoy mind-blowing sex, you will be storing in your subconscious memory bank new, positive sexual remembrances that will support your ever-enhancing future "Erection Tune-Ups." Thank you, Ms. Gallagher. You have made me feel like a super-star with and to my sexual partner in bed every time I now have sex with her. And, my sexual partner agrees that Marlon Brando, Brad Pitt, Clive Owen, or Taylor Lautner can't hold a candle to my sexual strength and readiness sexually! Again, thank you, Ms. Gallagher; and, my sexual partner wishes to thank you as well, Ms. Gallagher.
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. (Posted on 10/2/11)
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