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Pre-Surgery Preparation - CD

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hypnosis cd

Are you scheduled to have an operation in the near future?

Are you anxious and do not know how to prepare yourself?

Through the use of this hypnosis program, you can be able to find that healing place deep inside of you.

You can tap into that energy allowing your body to prepare itself the best way possible. Not only can you prepare your body, but you can also prepare your mind.

You know the surgery you are about to have can benefit you and that you are doing the best thing for yourself. Through hypnosis you can be able to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually prepare yourself. By preparing yourself in this manner, you can see after your surgery how steadily and naturally your body can heal and you can soon find yourself back into your old routines.

By listening to this hypnosis CD daily, you can be able to put yourself in a state of deep relaxation. In this state you can allow your body to release any tension and anxiety it may have. You know you are doing the right thing for yourself, and therefore you can be able to bring that loving and healing energy to your body.

Let your mind help you prior to your surgery and then directly afterward. This hypnosis program can not only prepare you but can help heal you.

hypnosis cd
Pre-Surgery Preparation - CD
  • Prepare your body for surgery.

  • Faster healing time.

  • Experience less anxiety.


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