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Win the Lottery

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Win the Lottery Hypnosis

Win the Lottery Hypnosis Download

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Plant the Seeds for Winning a Multi-Million Dollar Jackpot with Hypnosis!

Do you think it's possible for you to Win a Multi-Million dollar Lottery?

It can happen to anyone. Why not you? If your thoughts create things and you already play the lottery, why not give yourself that winning edge through hypnosis? This session will allow you to feel comfortable with the idea that you can have all the wealth and riches you could ever want.

Create a state of mind where anything and everything is possible. Where you can create whatever you want to create. Take a journey where YOU have already won the lottery. Experience yourself holding the lottery winnings and being on in a situation where you have suddenly come into millions of dollars through winning the lottery. Experience what it will be like when it's YOU, holding that big check and seeing the glimmer in your eyes and the smile on your face.

Will YOU Win the Lottery? Who knows? But, if you think you've got a shot at it, then this will certainly create the right mind set for it to happen. Explore the fantasy of bringing that lottery winning moment closer to reality through this exciting session that is filled with affirmations that are intended to help you become a winner in reality.

It's really very simple to follow and will help you wrap your mind around the possibility that you could become that winner now ... where you can experience a miracle in your life and become a winner of the lottery with millions of dollars available to you from now on and for the rest of your life.

When you buy Victoria's Win the Lottery Hypnosis Program, you will may find it easier to Win the Lottery then you otherwise would. For only $29.00, this program gives you an added benefit of having your mindset in the correct vibration of winning.

You are absolutely going love the deep relaxation and the positive feelings you will experience from this hypnosis session. You will find these suggestions will make you feel luckier in many other situations in your life.

Now, take the next step toward winning the lottery and order your copy of Win the Lottery Hypnosis Today.

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Customer Reviews

Money is coming Review by Amanda
I have not technically won the lottery yet, but I feel so much happier knowing that Im opening the channels of prosperity. I have won a few dollars on a scratch off, but my tips at work have gone up and I got a raise. So money is coming to me in unexpected ways. (Posted on 3/4/15)
Win the Lottery Review by Fatima
This one was interesting... Obviously I did not win the lotto, but I have noticed, that every time I listen to the session, the next time I play lotto, I always win, like R10 - R35...

I think the idea that I can win is there, But I myself, have not yet accepted the idea that winning the actual lotto is actually a possibility...

But I like that it will always be available to me, so you never know, one day, if I allow, it will become my reality...

Fatima (Posted on 1/12/15)
Fantastic Review by Sandra
This MP3 really has helped me. I have not won the jackpot yet but I am winning something every week. it really makes it so real. (Posted on 12/24/14)
Great Review by SUE
this really works won already 25 pounds on the lottery one week and 9 pounds 10 pence the following on euromillions . I am hoping to net the jackpot and with this product I think I will do exactly that thanks victoria great sense of being intuitive to deliver the correct content at the right tempo ....thank you (Posted on 9/29/14)
Relax about money :) Review by Alicja
I like this hypnosis session a lot! I think it helps to relax about big money - and then money comes more easily. What I like most is the part that says about managing the money wisely, it makes me feel confident that I will know what to do with the winnings. There's only one thing that does't fit into my life - I live in Europe, and so winning millions is great, but not dollars... (Posted on 9/9/14)
Wonderful product Review by LC
The win the lottery hypnosis worked great for me. I purchased the hypnosis to build my belief system to win the Mega Millions. To date I have not won the Mega Million yet. I have won smaller lottery jackpots every month since listening to the hypnosis everyday. I am unbeatable with the scratch tickets, every one I choose is a winner!!! (Posted on 11/28/13)
You Should Try It! Review by wendye
I must admit, I did not know what to expect when I first purchased the "Win the Lottery Hypnosis" in MP3 format. I had never really experienced hypnosis, and I wasn't even sure If I would be able to buy in to the whole "power of suggestion". With that said, i must also admit that as yet, I have not won the lottery. However, I have won more on scratch off tickets than before. Yesterday, I was able to commit to listening to the recording daily, as is suggested. I was only listening like maybe once or twice a week.
Although I did not follow the initial suggestion for listening, I did notice that I, for some unexplained reason, did feel luckier. I know, I know ... that probably doesn't make sense...but guess what... it doesn't have to make sense. And, once I realized that the goal was not to necessarily make sense, the goal was to allow myself to believe, on a subconscious level, that what I was hearing could actually be possible. Now, I feel less like I'm trying to make myself conform to only what I have been taught is possible. Now, I feel more like possibility really rests in the combination of letting go of self limiting thoughts and accepting that on a subconscious level, I can manifest miracles. So, I would suggest that you try it for yourself, but allow yourself the time you need to really let go and fully accept the abundance that is available to you life, if you just believe. (Posted on 8/20/13)
Amazing Review by Kira
...from the second i started using this cd I began winning things. It has great manifesting power. (Posted on 8/1/13)
win the lottery Review by Jorge
I´sorry i have this program i use for years and noooothing i have never won anything, it does not work. (Posted on 2/11/13)
A year or so on and I haven't won the lottery. Review by Megs
I took this really seriously, listening to it every day. I even started a lottery syndicate so that more people could enjoy the big win. I really believed we would win. This hypnosis involves visualising collecting the cheque. It felt so real. I loved that experience. But more than a year later and it hasn't happened. Usually Victoria's hypnosis tracks give me excellent results. Perhaps it's just too big a thing to control the lottery results. Perhaps too many people are asking to win the lottery. Perhaps I needed to be much more patient. Whatever the reason, this didn't work for me. To be honest, it's probably better to make money in another way, rather than looking for a quick fix... At least, that's the conclusion I came to. (Posted on 11/21/12)
Success is within reach Review by Vee
Very good for the person who is serious about winning the lottery. Lots of beliefs of loa are needed here. Victoria is good in helping guide you to all the details you need to cause a lottery win. This is especially good if you have already been doing "work" toward winning the lottery. This mp3/cd definitely will help in making you feel more confident achieving your dream. (Posted on 11/5/12)
I feel a positive vibe and have already attracted 3 customers out of the blue Review by Leslie
It almost made me laugh and did put a smile in my face. While listening, was interrupted by a friend that recommended a client, and this has happened 3 times. Certainly i haven't won the lotto, although I do put all my good intentions every time I buy a ticket, but this is amazing, how your attitude can attract 3 customers, just like that! I do believe is the relaxing, attracting, believing, visualizing, and on top of that I feel confident and happy, very soothing. Thanks Victoria, love your products and the impact it has in our lives. (Posted on 8/6/12)
I have not won the lotto yet, but... Review by Kundan
Even though I have not won the lotto yet, listening to this one does make me feel more abundant, lucky and blessed. And the visualization of positive energy does feel very very good. (Posted on 8/5/12)
Good for fun Review by Link
I tried this hypnosis and won 3 out of 5 lottery tickets, all in very small amounts but was surprised. Then won scratch after scratch, again in small amounts, but I only bought 5 $1 tickets...the store person was in awe when I went back and forth with the ticket for several times within few minutes because I won almost every ticket I bought. Haven't bought any tickets since then but will do sometime again (and make sure to listen to this program beforehand). I think this hypnosis program is great to listen to have some fun at lotteries/scratch, at your own risk, just as in any gambling :) (Posted on 7/21/12)
Didn' t win the lottery but I am attracting money ! Review by andrea
I listened to the mp3 for about 4-5 months but didn' win a lottery, but i noticed I found some money on the street sometimes (4 times) and attracted money through employment. (Posted on 2/2/12)
Love Your Programs and Your Voice Review by Jean
I'd like to add my kudos. I ordered the single download for Winning the Lottery and I love it. I enjoy your voice. I can really relate to all that you say on the CD. I have ordered from others in the past and just couldn't get into listening to them. Yours are the best. I really, really like that you give a sample for each of your programs. I also appreciate the specials that you have. I will definitely order again from you. Thank you so much,
Jean (-:
(Posted on 11/18/11)
I feel the difference, using it! Review by Angel Serrano
I've been meditating morning and night for the pass 10 years, so I understand the importance of self-hypnosis. What happens with me is that I get so deep to an unconscious level that when its time for self affirmations I have to bring my self to a, some what, conscious level just to remember what to say. That is why I prefer having a recording with the affirmations playing in the back round while I relax. I've try four other hypnotist MP3's and wasn't happy at all. They gave to many orders. Telling me to Fly over Egypt, go down escalator, elevator, or clime mountains. I can achieve a deep hypnotic state in less than a minute. By the time they got to the affirmations my mind was not accepting anything they had to say. You on the other hand are a breath of fresh air. Simple relaxation, easy suggestion, powerful affirmation, and all this coming from a very soothing voice. You have a product that is far ahead of the competition. Your recordings are a must for anyone looking to improve their lives...
PS. I love the "Win The Lottery" recording. And even though I haven't won the lottery YET other sources of money have opened up to me. I feel a genuine sense of wealth coming from deep with in. THANK YOU VICTORIA (Posted on 8/27/10)
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