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Law of Attraction - Attract Your Dream Career - Hypnosis DVD

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"I Attract to My Life Whatever I Give My Attention, Energy, or Focus to."


"The Bypassing of the Critical Factor thereby Increasing Suggestibility within the Subconscious Mind"

What do you get when you combine the forces of Hypnosis AND The Law of Attraction?

powerful and revolutionary Visualization Tool for Law of Attraction!

Introducing the new "Hypno-Audio-Visual" Law of Attraction DVD Series - on Attracting Your Dream Career.

~A 23-minute Powerful Hypnosis Session lead by Victoria Gallagher

~Over 100 Whispered Hypnotic Affirmations

~Over 100 Moving Pictures and Videos

~Over 100 On Screen Hypnotic Affirmations

This Law of Attraction Hypnosis DVD on Attracting Your Dream Career helps you to get into a very powerful attracting state every day, by showing you visual images of success that are designed to make you feel good quadrupled with: Powerful Onscreen Affirmations, Underlying Hypnosis Audio, and Whispered Background Affirmations.

You're going to speed up the process of the Law of Attraction working in your life by watching this movie and letting it help you to create positive feelings toward Your Dream Career every day. Spend 23 minutes a day.

You don't have to know how it works or understand it even to allow the powerful effects take place. Feel good!  That is what the DVD does.  It simply helps you feel good about Attracting Your Dream Career! 

Bonus Material worth $58.00

Full Length Work at Home Hypnosis Session Track - $29.00 Value

Full Length Attract Employment Hypnosis Track - $29.00 Value

Law of Attraction - Attract Your Dream Career - Hypnosis DVD
  • 100 Whispered Hypnotic Affirmations.

  • 100 Images and Videos.

  • 100 Powerful Affirmations.

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