What Are The Best Habits For Better Meditation?

Building better meditation habits is easier said than done. Trust me, it is all easy to say but hard to execute. As it is, meditation already requires a lot of focus and dedication. But to bring it up one more notch and try to achieve more efficient results? That takes a lot of commitment!

Similar to the way that fitness is an approach to train the body, meditation is there to train the mind. And while many meditation techniques already exist, being efficient at it and building better meditation habits is not an easy task. Meditation for a beginner is already hard. Just think about it — to sit for hours and try to have an “empty mind.” while breathing slowly. Surely, some people will get easily bored and their minds might wander too. Still, meditation includes lots of concentration, and building better meditation habits mean that you will be more efficient at it as time goes by. Here are some best habits that you can follow:

Building Better Meditation Habits 101

Slow Down Breathing

First step to make meditation better is to slow down breathing. This should be the first and foremost technique that you should look at. As you slow down breathing, you start to have a much better awareness of your mind, and time seems to slow down too. Don’t rush your breathing when doing meditation — it will only make you feel anxious.

Don’t Be Too Conscious

When you are conscious, you are not in “meditation mode”. And when you are not in meditation mode, chances are you will never really let go of yourself to become one with your subconscious. To build better meditation habits, you first need to “let go”. Stop being conscious and become one with your self — this is the only way to get your mind to become a more efficient meditator

Taking time to focus and center your thoughts helps you become productive. As a result, you get more accomplished in your life. When you stay focused and become accomplished, you feel confident and gain mastery in your chosen field. Your brain evolves and you feel good about fully completing your daily tasks. Before you know it, you will have accomplished so much. You’ll be pleased with the amount of progress you make in your life.


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