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Hair Growth - CD
Are you stressed out over your quickly thinning hair?

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hypnosis cd

Have you ever wished to have longer hair?

Are you a man who has noticed thinning or complete loss of hair, and just want to combat hair loss?

Ever watch shampoo commercials and wish you could have healthy hair like that?

By using Victoria's 'Healthy Hair hypnosis program daily you can begin to notice changes in your hair in no time!

Due to the stress in our lives and diets many adults these days are noticing a significant loss of sheen and new healthy hair growth much earlier than our parents.

Due to the demanding nature of our lives, and the stress we place on our hair in order to keep up with society's idea of what it should look like.

This hair loss does not have to be permanent!

Through daily use of hypnosis and this two track program you can notice dramatic hair regrowth. Whether you are a male who has noticed their hair line is receding and wants to combat hair loss; or a female who wants to have the longer hair you used to. Through dedicated use of this two track program you can comfortably grow the long, luxurious, healthy hair you've always dreamed of having!

Track One: Visualization

Visualization can teach you to encourage new cell growth through hypnotic suggestion.

Our brain is the most powerful organ in our bodies. It controls what happens throughout the rest of our body. Whether subconsciously (without purposeful thought) or consciously (with purposeful thought) our brains control everything from the rate our heart beats, to whether or not we find the person standing across the room attractive.

By harnessing power of your subconscious mind you can teach your hair follicles to combat hair loss, and encourage hair regrowth that is longer and stronger healthy hair.

Track Two: Hair Care

The second session: Hair Care can cover everything you need to know about hair care.

From the proper type of shampoo all the way to the different foods and nutrients your hair desires to thrive.

Within no time you can begin naturally making choices that combat hair loss and lead to hair regrowth. With absolutely no more effort than it takes to listen to these hypnosis sessions, you can choose healthy nutrient filled foods and drinks.

You can notice stronger, longer hair. Thick and rich hair regrowth can begin to emerge on your scalp.

Your journey to the beautiful hair you have always dreamed of starts when you buy both tracks for only $39.00

hypnosis cd
Hair Growth - CD
  • Overcome stress responsible for hair loss.

  • Encourage new cell growth.

  • Learn to Take better care of yourself.

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