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Manifesting Money Hypnosis CD Bundle

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So, here are EIGHT of our BEST selling Hypnosis for Wealth Creation Programs bundled together to SAVE you MONEY!

You get a total of 18 Hypnosis CD's which contain our most popular Money Manifesting programs. $442.00 worth of CD's for one LOW package price of $265.00 ... a savings of almost $200!

You get All 8 Hypnosis for Good Luck Sessions

Track One: Ready for Luck

In Ready for Luck you can start to prepare yourself to become lucky. By listening to this hypnosis session you can learn to open up your heart and mind to all the things around you. You can open your physical and mental eyes to every situation that surrounds you and soon you begin to see all the possibilities available to improve your luck in your everyday life. Once you begin to see the possibilities it is time to move forward to the second session.

Track Two: Mental Alertness

In this session you learn to condition your mind to recognize the various opportunities to improve your luck that you encounter every day. You can walk step by step through the tools and thought process you need to naturally and comfortably recognize the abundance of opportunities you encounter. However the Mental Alertness hypnosis session does not stop there. In this session you can also learn how to utilize each opportunity you are given. If you don't have the proper level of conscious and subconscious awareness you can not be able to recognize and use these opportunities to their fullest potential in order to attract better luck and become lucky.

Track Three: Generosity

So, now you have not only tuned into the many opportunities that you naturally encounter every day, but you have also learned how to best use these opportunities to benefit the goals you have for your life. In the Generosity hypnosis session you can learn the benefits of passing the luck down the line. Many people discount the power the generosity can have in what you attract to your life. Using this session regularly can help you to create a spirit of generosity. This can enable you to attract better luck into your life from new and interesting places. When you learn to be generous without thought, without effort, you can attract even more luck into your life. By helping others become lucky as well you can greatly improve your luck as well.

Track Four: Desire

The purpose behind this hypnosis session is to help you get in touch with the things you want most in life. When you listen to Victoria's soothing assistance you can be able to comfortably connect with your innermost desires. By making these connections you can be able to better understand yourself and what you most want out of life. When you are in touch with your innermost dreams and desires; when you can see yourself achieving these goals, having the things and lifestyle you have always wanted, you can naturally attract better luck into your life.

Track Five: Intuition

Now you have learned how to condition your mind to properly handle it when you become lucky. You have learned how to approach life with a naturally loving and generous spirit, and how to get in touch with your innermost desires. In the fifth hypnosis session you learn how to harness one of the most important senses you have naturally within you. It stands to reason the more in touch you are with your inner self, that small voice inside of you that tells you when something is good or bad, the better chance you can have to attract better luck to your life.

Track Six: Re-framing

In the re-framing hypnosis session, you take the next step forward in your journey to attract better luck to your life. Victoria can calmly lead you through situations in your past that may have had better outcomes if you had made a different choice. You can begin to examine your previous choices while incorporating your new found ability to tune into your natural intuition. Did you follow the path your inner voice was trying to lead you down? How do you feel the outcome related to this decision? How do you think it would have been different if you had made a different choice, followed your true self more carefully.

Track Seven: Luck Anchor

This session can help you change the natural energy and vibrations you send out into the universe. When you change the vibrations you send out it can help improve your luck comfortably, with no extra effort on your part. By creating your luck anchor you can find you become lucky more and more often.

Track Eight: Morning Luck Meditation

This last hypnosis session is exactly what it seems to be. When you participate in this simple visualization exercise at the start of every day, you can learn to focus your mind and energy in ways that can naturally attract better luck to you throughout your day.

You get 3 Hypnosis for Life Success Sessions

Track One: Life Purpose Guidance

Through this part of the hypnosis program you can learn to listen to your inner guidance system and follow your life's purpose. When you embrace the things you were naturally meant to do in the physical world, it is easier to reach your goals and be successful in your life. This part of the program would be ideal for a sleep tape. By using the time honored method of repletion your mind can form new thought process that comfortably tune into your inner self. Through the step by step guidance offered in the calming soothing voice of Victoria you can find you subconsciously start making decisions that follow the path of your true purpose in this life. When you start following the direction your inner guidance leads you; you can become a success.

Track Two: Success

Your mind works like the muscles in your body. Just as you exercise to keep the muscles in your body in shape, there are exercises you need to learn to keep your mind in shape. This is covered in this session of the hypnosis program. When you listen closely as Victoria uses soothing and natural hypnotic suggestions to teach you how to exercise your mind. You can learn how to stretch it to its limits, and also how to slip comfortably into a state of mental relaxation. By beginning each day with this visualization you can notice your mind reach a new level of clarity and the choices you make can start to mirror the path you need to take to reach your goals and become a success in life.

Track Three: Creativity

Now we come to our final hypnosis session in the course. By now you are seeing changes happening in your life. Your level of success is surpassing everything you ever hoped to wish for. In this session, Creativity you can learn how to utilize the naturally creative side of your mind to reach new and undiscovered heights and truly become a success. Everyone' mind is naturally creative; most people just teach themselves to suppress this side of them in order to allow for more conventional ways of thinking. However in order to reach your goals and be successful you have got to be able to think creatively. That is where Victoria's soothing and calming directions can be the most helpful.

You get 8 Manifest Money Hypnosis Sessions

Track One: Financial Prosperity

In this session Victoria can lead you comfortably through the various spiritual laws that cover natural abundance. By gaining a thorough understanding of these laws through the art of hypnosis you can study your own spirituality and discover which of these energies you are in alignment with, and those you may not be. What if there was just one step, one easy natural step forward you could take that would change your ability to Create Wealth for the rest of your life. By listening to and following Victoria's soothing suggestions you can learn how to build the energies around you to make it possible to comfortably learn valuable Manifesting Money skills.

Track Two: I am Magnetic

This session can teach you the different paths to spiritual enlightenment. When you allow hypnosis to help you open your mind and spirit you can open the pathways needed to attract the proper energy to you and bring you to all the things you ever wished for. When your mind, body and spirit are in balance you project a positive energy vibration to the universe. This can in turn attract more positive energy to you, enabling you to attract money in a more productive manner.

Track Three: Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Through the third hypnosis session you can discover the preconceived notions you have about Manifesting Money. Many of the lessons you have learned about money were passed down by the adults in your life as you were growing up. Without even thinking about it, your parents, grandparents, teachers and other family members slowly built upon the negative ideas you have about Manifesting Money. Whether it was overspending, or saving too much and not using anything to enjoy your life. With Victoria's help you can recognize these negative thoughts and behaviors, over a short amount of time you can naturally release these negative feelings you have and move forward to a more effortless system of Attracting Money.

Track Four: My Abundant Self

Here you can be introduced to your abundant self. Through a series of effortless hypnosis visualization exercises you can know the abundant part of yourself. We are all born with the natural ability to attract abundance into our lives. It is the lessons and limitations you accept along the journey of childhood and adolescence that closes your connection to this vital part of your inner self. In this session you can reestablish that connection and move forward to accept the full potential you naturally have for abundance.

Track Five: Confidently Abundant

The title of this session says it all. You know that the more confident you are, the more successful you become. Therefore the more confident you are, the more your potential to Create Wealth becomes as well. Through this easy hypnosis session you can become more confident in your Manifesting Money skills. Not only can your ability to manifest money increase, but also your confidence in the ability to make better money doing something you love to do. Once you become confident in your ability to enjoy making money, the ability to Create Wealth can be completely effortless.

Track Six: Morning Money Meditations

This sixth session serves as your daily reminder of how far you have come, as well as how far you can go. When you start the day with this naturally uplifting meditation specifically geared towards Manifesting Money, you can naturally get excited with all of the possibilities that are at your feet. With every morning that you participate in this short 15 minute hypnosis session, you can be comfortably creating the life you desire.

Track Seven: Money is Energy

This session is a short 25 minute audio session where Victoria discusses the principles of money, and how they correlate with energy. Money is energy. When you Attract Money using hypnosis you acquire more positive energy; which in turn improves the vibrations you send out to the universe. The more abundant vibrations you send out, the more your ability to Create Wealth can become.

Track Eight: Auto Affirmations

Track eight is a short thirty minute hypnosis session that you can use to keep the positive vibrations and energy flowing through you all day. When you listen to Victoria's calm and soothing voice, and recite the affirmations along with her on your way to work, or home, you can set the tone for the rest of the day. When you keep your positive vibrations at their highest, you can continuously attract abundance throughout the day.

Get Mastering the Law of Attraction

Creating more Money through the Law of Attraction. Mastering the Law of Attraction can soon see it is easier to increase attraction than you thought. What do you think about? Do you think about the possibilities? Do you immediately respond with that can't happen! What do you want to attract? Teach yourself the Law of Attraction at an unconscious level and you can forever have a tool at your fingertips to create anything you desire. Soon after starting the hypnosis program you can attract prosperity to you. You can see this in your romances which can be bigger and better; you can find the people you meet are more suited to who you are and what you want. The job offers you get can fit your lifestyle and education, possibly even be a better fit and pay than they job you thought you wanted.

Get Mind of a Millionaire

Mind of a Millionaire can develop a millionaire mindset, just like you have always dreamed of, in no time. Everything in your life can improve once you become a millionaire, and this hypnosis program is the only thing you need to have a millionaire mindset. As you travel down the path to your destiny you can taste the fine foods that accompany your life once you learn to be a millionaire. You can feel the excitement and relaxation that comes from not worrying week to week about how you're going to pay for the things you need. You can be a Millionaire with the right mindset. All it takes is a deep belief that you can do it and of course the action steps. Once you believe it, you can be shown the way.

Get Save Money Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you to learn to really enjoy saving money. Enjoy a feeling of increased confidence, and a sense of overall achievement when you listen to this session which can motivate you to put more money in savings and pay off your debts. You can feel such a sense of confidence in your ability to save and it continues to become easier for you as the days go by. Gain a sense of pride in knowing that you have done something good for your life and your future. How much focus do you put into your money SAVING goals versus your DEBT. Are you thinking about paying bills and debt and how much money you are spending all the time. Start thinking about saving money, and watch your savings grow and money come to you from sources you never thought of before.

Get 6 Hypnosis Tracks from Six Essential Laws of Winning in Life

Session 1: Fantasize During this session, you are going to get an opportunity to define for yourself what it really means to be a winner. This is such an exciting session because it allows you to just daydream about what your life can be like. When you were growing up, you were probably told to STOP daydreaming. Yet, daydreaming holds the key to our true wants in life. Get in touch with what you REALLY want in life and find your life purpose.

Session 2: Commit to your Idea Take one of the ideas you got in the ""Fantasize"" session to the next level. Really commit to it. Once you commit to an idea, truly commit to it, you can succeed no matter what. You don't even have to know HOW it can happen. This is the level that most people never reach or tend to get stuck. Break through to your achievement by making a true commitment, and do it at a deep level. Once you have conquered this step, the rest is all downhill. The way to win can be shown to you.

Session 3: Visualize your Achievement Visualization has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to bring your goals to fruition. If you can see it happening in your mind, it becomes much more believable. Your subconscious mind thinks in pictures. So, when you project the vision, you are having direct communication with the part of your mind responsible for creating your outcomes.

Session 4: Successful Habit Programming You are the total accumulation of all of your habits. Plain and simple. The more successful habits you have, the more successful you can be. Success habits are absolutely essential to becoming a winner. Do you ever stop to think about your habits or what habits might create more success for you? Break bad habits and adopt the success habits of those who you admire as a winner and you are certain to become more like that person.

Session 5: Have an Image of Excellence Could your image prevent you from winning? A winner exudes a certain style, an image that breeds success. What does your image say about you? You've heard you need to dress for success. Now you can naturally understand exactly how to create your success image. This success goes into each element of image and creates a core understanding within your inner mind to cause you to talk, act, look, feel, and behave like a winner.

Session 6: Repetitive Positive Programming How many times in your life have you heard, don't do that, no you can't, or other negative suggestions? These words build a strong wall between you and your ability to win. Break down that wall by sinking into a deep level of hypnosis, and implanting the most inspiring, positive messages into the core of your brain. Put your brain on positive auto pilot by reinforcing the positive ideas that are essential to winning.

Get Positive Vibration

You can easily be able to increase your positive vibrations to levels you would never have believed possible. By accessing the energizing feeling of a positive energy wave as you align yourself with it you can soon attract positive vibrations to you with absolutely no effort on your part. This can attract the things into your life that you desire. The more you tune into this positive energy wave, the easier it can become to attract vibrations from a higher, even more positive energy source.

Achieve a positive energy vibration, and a positive emotional vibration in order to create what you want in your life. Access a beautiful feeling of positive energy waves to align yourself with and which can attract those things into your life that you desire.

There are a total of 29 Different 30-Minute Hypnosis Session in this package. Enough sessions for you to listen to a different one practically every day of a month. That's $9.13 per session when they are normally $29.00 for a single hypnosis session.

Imagine as you go out into the world, having programmed your mind for manifesting money. Imagine what you could create if you listened to these programs every day for a month. You're life can change for the better. There is no question. And the amount of money you manifest is entirely up to you. You can learn how to manifest $20.00 and just as easily, you can manifest $20,000 or $200,000. The universe does not care how big or small. Only you do. And it is based on the programming you have in your unconscious mind. YOU have the power to CHANGE that programming now with these 29 sessions on wealth creation, valued at $442.00 for only $265.00. Once you learn the keys to manifesting taught in these 29 sessions, you can have what it takes to manifest all the wealth you need.

Start right now, manifesting money. Once you purchase this program, the wheels are already in motion. You are already on your way to manifesting wealth.

hypnosis cd
Manifesting Money Hypnosis CD Bundle
  • Eight Best Selling Wealth Bundles.

  • 18 Hypnosis CDs for Manifesting abundance.

  • Flood your mind with positive money programming.

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