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Super Hypnotic O - DVD

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Want to bring about a wild orgasm that you can experience from deep inside your body?

Your orgasm is always redefining itself.

Think about the most intense feeling you could possibly imagine.

Well, your body and your mind already have the intelligence to unlock this internal innate wisdom within your cells to allow this to happen.

Our Super Hypnotic O DVD can help! delivers the latest technology available, combining our already powerful 28 minute Hypnosis audio program with Erotic imagery with additional visual suggestions embedded on the screen. Now you can watch TV and let it take you into a hypnotic trance, doubling the power of suggestions given both visually and auditory.

The program includes about 5 minutes of an induction to get your mind and body very relaxed. Then, the playboy style images which are very classy, yet very sexually stimulating, progressively become more naughty toward the "climax" of the program just before "waking" suggestions are given. Suggestions are given for you to become a better lover, last longer, and have more intense climaxes. It may even happen while you are in trance. You never know just what can happen with this latest technique. Use this program by yourself, or just prior to lovemaking and notice how much more profound your experiences become. Just as suggested with our other hypnosis programs, it is recommended that you watch and listen to the program daily for a month for optimum results. The more your subconscious mind is exposed to the suggestions the more effect they can have on your body.

Super Hypnotic O - DVD
  • Bring about a wild orgasm.

  • Classy, sexy and stimulating images.

  • Double the strength of regular hypnotic suggestions.

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