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Healthy Diet and Exercise - CD
Find the power and freedom within to stick to a diet and exercise program.

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hypnosis cd

Have you tried in the past to establish a healthy diet, only to find it was too difficult to stick with?

Have diet pills and exercise tapes become a chore, and no longer enjoyable?

Does getting on your scale feel like a roller coaster ride?

With Victoria's Hypnosis program 'Healthy Diet and Exercise' you can learn to stop bad eating habits, and enjoy your exercise routine naturally. This three part series can help you to change your diet, increase your desire to give your body the exercise it wants and desires, and give you a natural healthy weight loss program that is effortless to maintain.

Track One: Healthy Path

Healthy Path can give you a soothing walk through of the two separate paths there are to choose from.

As you listen to Victoria's soft voice you can walk down each path all the way to the end. The potential benefits and pitfalls of each path can be set before you. Throughout this process you can see and feel what each step forward down the separate paths holds in store for you.

Down the unhealthy path you can find the pleasure of rich fatty foods, they enjoyment gleaned from eating them. You can also feel the achy joints as the weight starts to accumulate. The moans and groans of joints that were not designed for the work of carrying the extra load. The tired, sleepy feelings. Medications and illness.

As you travel down the healthy path you can see and smell the fresh fruits and vegetables, the way their cool crisp juices feel sliding down your throat and the rejuvenation you feel as a result. You can naturally experience the rush of regular diet and exercise, the strength and energy that hums through your body after a particularly good workout. You can experience how it feels to live a healthy lifestyle and feel five years younger than you actually are; everyday!

Track Two: Thought Stopping

Thought Stopping focuses on the unhealthy obsessions we all feel.

It can allow you to dwell on your negative feelings, and thoughts. Those food cravings and the self-doubt that cause us all to work against ourselves; and fall away from the healthy path. All the while Victoria's soothing voice is leading you through this exercise, and then just when you start to wonder how this can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, you can hear the voice shout STOP! Loudly in your head.

The negative feelings, emotions, and desires to act against what is best for you are permanently interrupted. Your mind can begin to fill with positive emotions and thought processes. This can develop a new and permanent healthy path in your brain, which enables you to comfortably and naturally think positive, healthy thoughts, thereby creating a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Track Three: Diet and Exercise

In Diet and Exercise you can come to understand your body's desire and need, for diet and exercise.

Once again you can begin to experience the rush of energy and excitement that comes with a hard workout. As you continue on your journey to effortless healthy weight loss, with the help of Victoria's program you can notice you now want to exercise.

Not only do you want to exercise but you need to exercise, to give your body what it craves, with no effort at all you can shed extra pounds and set your body on the path to comfortably maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

Now is the time for you to begin your path to healthy weight loss. Normally you would pay $29.00 per session for this program. Victoria is offering all three tracks for only $39.00.

hypnosis cd
Healthy Diet and Exercise - CD
  • Get off the diet roller coaster.

  • Stop bad eating habits.

  • Increase desire to exercise.


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