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Manifest Money - CDs

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Quick Overview

  • Improve your financial outlook.

  • Create new feelings about money.

  • Learn different paths you can take to manifesting.

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Manifest Money

Manifest Money - CDs

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The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

Do you have problems Attracting Money?

Do you wish you understood what it took to Manifest Money?

Would you like to Create Wealth?

Through this 8 session hypnosis program provided by Victoria you can not only gain a better understanding of your relationship with money, but also gain the skills needed to create a whole new association with it. It is important to be able to grasp the energies within yourself that are inhibiting your ability to have a healthy connection with money. As you do you can certainly become an expert at Attracting Money.

Track One: Financial Prosperity

In this session Victoria can lead you comfortably through the various spiritual laws that cover natural abundance. By gaining a thorough understanding of these laws through the art of hypnosis you can study your own spirituality and discover which of these energies you are in alignment with, and those you may not be. What if there was just one step, one easy natural step forward you could take that would change your ability to Create Wealth for the rest of your life. By listening to and following Victoria's soothing suggestions you can learn how to build the energies around you to make it possible to comfortably learn valuable Manifesting Money skills.

Track Two: I am Magnetic

This session can teach you the different paths to spiritual enlightenment. When you allow hypnosis to help you open your mind and spirit you can open the pathways needed to attract the proper energy to you and bring you to all the things you ever wished for. When your mind, body and spirit are in balance you project a positive energy vibration to the universe. This can in turn attract more positive energy to you, enabling you to attract money in a more productive manner.

Track Three: Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Through the third hypnosis session you can discover the preconceived notions you have about Manifesting Money. Many of the lessons you have learned about money were passed down by the adults in your life as you were growing up. Without even thinking about it, your parents, grandparents, teachers and other family members slowly built upon the negative ideas you have about Manifesting Money. Whether it was overspending, or saving too much and not using anything to enjoy your life. With Victoria's help you can recognize these negative thoughts and behaviors, over a short amount of time you can naturally release these negative feelings you have and move forward to a more effortless system of Attracting Money.

Track Four: My Abundant Self

Here you can be introduced to your abundant self. Through a series of effortless hypnosis visualization exercises you can know the abundant part of yourself. We are all born with the natural ability to attract abundance into our lives. It is the lessons and limitations you accept along the journey of childhood and adolescence that closes your connection to this vital part of your inner self. In this session you can reestablish that connection and move forward to accept the full potential you naturally have for abundance.

Track Five: Confidently Abundant

The title of this session says it all. You know that the more confident you are, the more successful you become. Therefore the more confident you are, the more your potential to Create Wealth becomes as well. Through this easy hypnosis session you can become more confident in your Manifesting Money skills. Not only can your ability to manifest money increase, but also your confidence in the ability to make better money doing something you love to do. Once you become confident in your ability to enjoy making money, the ability to Create Wealth can be completely effortless.

Track Six: Morning Money Meditations

This sixth session serves as your daily reminder of how far you have come, as well as how far you can go. When you start the day with this naturally uplifting meditation specifically geared towards Manifesting Money, you can naturally get excited with all of the possibilities that are at your feet. With every morning that you participate in this short 15 minute hypnosis session, you can be comfortably creating the life you desire.

Track Seven: Money is Energy

This session is a short 25 minute audio session where Victoria discusses the principles of money, and how they correlate with energy. Money is energy. When you Attract Money using hypnosis you acquire more positive energy; which in turn improves the vibrations you send out to the universe. The more abundant vibrations you send out, the more your ability to Create Wealth can become.

Track Eight: Auto Affirmations

Track eight is a short thirty minute hypnosis session that you can use to keep the positive vibrations and energy flowing through you all day. When you listen to Victoria's calm and soothing voice, and recite the affirmations along with her on your way to work, or home, you can set the tone for the rest of the day. When you keep your positive vibrations at their highest, you can continuously attract abundance throughout the day.

Purchase all eight sessions today for $99.00, and start your life of abundance and success!

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Customer Reviews

It is a positive investment Review by Nancy Georges
This program is so worth the investment. I have been listening for only a week and I have already been making more money! I have gotten to some root issues regarding money and some beliefs that I was holding and have changed them to positive affirmations, the affirmations section alone is worth the investment. I listen to the program about 3 times a day, and I have to say this program is amazing. Thank you so much for helping me in this area of my life!
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. (Posted on 8/27/10)
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