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Piano Improvement

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Quick Overview

  • Make piano playing easier.

  • Naturally improve your abiliities.

  • Create a calming and refreshing experience.

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Piano Improvement Hypnosis

Piano Improvement

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The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

Do you enjoy classical music?

Do you wish you could play piano today?

Do you want to improve piano playing naturally?

Piano music is a very calming and refreshing experience. If you have ever taken the time to listen to it when you are stressed out, or frazzled I know you understand what I mean. The only thing more relaxing than listening to piano music is playing the piano. That being said it can be a very difficult instrument to learn. Anyone can pick up the piano and pound out tunes of their own, however to play the music of the masters usually takes time and lots of practice. However now with this innovative hypnosis program created by Victoria Gallagher you can learn to play piano today in half the time. The program consists of two separate hypnosis sessions designed to help you naturally improve piano playing with little effort on your part.

Track One: Playing Piano Like a Pro

When learning the piano or any instrument, there is a line that separates those who just know how to play naturally and those who train for hours so they can play. Through this first hypnosis session you can learn to play better piano, more naturally, and effortlessly. In order to reach that point you have to view playing the piano as natural an act as you do speaking. The power to do that and improve piano playing resides within your mind. Your mind already knows how to play, but buried deep within it is the switch to make it flow naturally. This session can help flip that switch, and help you play piano today.

Track Two: Piano Practice Motivation

The biggest obstacle to overcome in order to play better piano is practice. There are probably days where you just don't feel like practicing even though you know you should if you want to improve piano playing. This hypnosis session can help you to connect the parts of playing that make you happy, to the goals you have for yourself, and the feelings of satisfaction you know you get from playing. The result can be a well of motivation that you be able to tap into whenever you need to. The ability to access this motivation combined with regular practice can ensure you can play piano today without even realizing it.

Utilize the untapped energy of your mind to help you play better piano. Accept, believe and expect new possibilities!

When you purchase this unique hypnosis program from Victoria for $39.00 you are taking an important step down the path to playing like a pro.

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Customer Reviews

Piano Review by Amaryllis
I really enjoyed this particular series. I have been trying to get it together with the piano for many years. I look forward to listening to the series daily for inspiration, motivation, with the ultimate goal of using it as part of my profession.
Thank you Victoria!!
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. (Posted on 11/14/13)
Improved! Review by applepie
I have always used some kind of self-talk to motivate myself to practice piano. It really helped me few years ago to advance my skills from beginner (seriously Beyer & Burgmuller) to intermediate (Sonatas) in just 3 months when I was taking piano lessons from a teacher. However, after I stopped taking lessons because of my move and schedule, I started to create less and less time to practice. This program helped me motivate to practice more often and focus on the image of myself playing like a pro...which helped me to improve my skills significantly and advance to Chopin's Nocturnes :) I am truly loving it!
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. (Posted on 7/14/12)
Being an experienced piano player, I am amazed by the difference this made! Review by C
I am not a beginner in piano playing; in fact I started take lessons some 35 years ago. I was told I was very talented, but still it ended the usual way: I practiced too little, I got annoyed that I made no progress, it all faded away ... And now, so many, many years later, I decided to give it a fair chance again. First everything sounded awful, then I made a little progress, but I noticed that something was holding me back. It was like I was condemning myself all the time. Every mistake seemed to be a proof that I sucked, so I got very disencouraged.
Being a self hypnosis junkie for years, I recently found this site and thought it was very promising. I decided to start with a REALLY tough challenge - my piano playing. JESUS, what a difference it made! I certainly did not turn into Rubenstein overnight or something like that, but something ... something really happened within me. Suddenly I was playing like a maniac, because it was so FUN. The progress I've made is stunning, I'm learning so quickly now, I am full of self confidence. After all these years as a piano player, I can tell you that the difference this hypnosis made is remarkable!
This session targeted and solved my problems perfectly. Thank you, Victoria.
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. (Posted on 4/15/12)
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