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Strength and Courage in Combat - CD
Tap into the strength and courage that is already within you

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hypnosis cd

Are you nervous about going into combat?

Do you wish you could feel more courageous?

Are you worried that when the time comes for strength in combat, or courage in combat, you won't be up to muster?

As a member of the United States armed forces you are a highly trained and dedicated soldier. Your training provides you with immeasurable courage in combat, and the same fortitude that provides you that courage, also provides you with strength in combat. Two character traits that no soldier could make it through battle without. You are worthy of immense respect and appreciation from every American citizen. When the time comes for you to put your training and knowledge into action you must be ready.

There is an idea that surrounds being a soldier, an expected level of strength in combat situations. Many soldiers feel it is not acceptable to wish they could feel more courageous when heading onto the battlefield. However it is natural to need reassurance. When heading into a situation as stressful as a combat zone it is important for you to be at the top of your game. Because of that, Victoria has created this Strength and Courage in combat hypnosis session.

This hypnosis program was designed to help you stay calm and focused while in hostile territory. Through Victoria's specialized visualization techniques you can soon find your levels of strength in combat as well as the levels of courage in combat you experience can be amplified. You can gain the confidence you need to handle any situation that comes your way. The strength and courage to succeed are already within you. This program can help you to tap into that strength when you need it the most, you can feel more courageous with each session you participate in. In this higher state of awareness you can find yourself performing with accuracy and laser-like focus.

When you buy Strength and Courage in Combat for $29.00 you can be giving yourself that extra edge of subconscious support, right when you need it.

hypnosis cd
Strength and Courage in Combat - CD
  • Stay calm while in hostile territory.

  • Gain the confidence to handle any situation.

  • Perform with accuracy and laser focus.


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