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Super Hypnotic Orgasm - CDs

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hypnosis cd

Do you want to have a powerful orgasm?

Do you wish you could experience intense orgasms?

How would you feel if I told you that you can have an amazing sexual orgasm?

If you have ever wanted to experience intense orgasms then this unique hypnosis session created by Victoria Gallagher is just the thing you have been looking for. When you follow her directions, delivered in to you in a soft soothing voice, you can have a better orgasm than you've ever imagined. don't believe that an amazing sexual orgasm is possible? Give Victoria two months and watch your love life change .

Track One: Amazing Sexual Orgasm

On this first hypnosis track Victoria can take you on a journey through your mind. Within your mind lies the formula and the information to bring about the experience of intense orgasms. You can experience this amazing sexual orgasm from deep inside your body, you can feel it from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, no part of your body can be unaffected by this orgasm. You can recognize the experience that comes when you have a powerful orgasm with each sexual encounter you have. Your orgasm can keep redefining itself until soon you are feeling the most intense feelings, more intense then you have ever imagined. The power to unlock your body's innate sense of sexuality is all within your mind, finding that power is only a few clicks away.

Track Two: Orgasm Control Room

In this hypnosis track you can teach your subconscious mind how to let go and allow you to fully experience intense orgasmss. You can take a little tour inside your brain; there you can find a small door that leads to your bodies control room. Once in the control room you are completely in control of your ability to have a powerful orgasm. You can locate your ���orgasm response engine,��� from there you can be able to control your ability to increase the level of your orgasm. When you do this you can experience your first amazing sexual orgasm, with many more to come.

When you purchase this amazing program today for just $39.00, you can be purchasing the key to your sexual satisfaction.

hypnosis cd
Super Hypnotic Orgasm - CDs
  • Experience intense orgasms.

  • Be totally in control of your pleasure.

  • Let go into orgasmic bliss.


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