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I must admit--I started online sessions with another "meditation" program--but after listening to Victoria's soothing voice--I was hooked! I also ordered "Deeper Relaxation" cd set--I've noticed in just a short amount of time I am energetic--upbeat--and definitely feeling positive about myself--Thank you Victoria--You are Awesome!!
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.
Renee - Peekskill
Just wanted to say I thoroughly love Victoria's hypnosis CD's. We play them at our meditation group meetings and everyone who hears them are ordering their own. Victoria's voice is amazing and has such a calming effect. It's perfectly toned and balanced for hypnosis. In our group we all notice the effects from listening to her CD's. I recommend them to anyone. Doreen Billig
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.
Doreen Billig - Waterford
I feel compelled from my heart to let Everyone (who is considering buying Victoria's hypnosis tracks) know how Sincere, Loving, Dedicated and Professional Victoria (she) is, not only as a healer and hypnosis therapist but also as a human being. All of her material is So Well made in every way and contains Superb and sharp sound quality, her Sooting, Beautiful and Enchanting voice, a great choice of words, suggestions and background music. It is such a pleasure to listen to her tracks, and this is a very important factor for accessing the subconscious mind. Her voice is quite outstanding, and because it is so gentle and soft, it release All tension and resistance within your mind and body. While listening to any of her tracks, I have been able to rid myself of a really bad headache in a few moments. I have listened to many different hypnosis tracks out there, but have never experienced a similar effect from other providers. Victoria has a great knowlegde in how the subconscious mind works and it shows in all her dedicated work. I also find it amazing that I can actually communicate and email her directly and get a personal response from her as supposed to an answer from a support contact. This is priceless to me and it makes me trust her authenticity and quality even more. Thank you So Much Victoria for what you do, give and share with us all.
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.
Teresa De Simone - Ontario, CA
Last night I downloaded the Hypnotic-O mp3...and I still can't seem to get a grip on the amazing experience I had. I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but having used a couple other hypnotic tracks (for confidence and relaxation), I figured that I'd give it a try to see what happens. I figured, at the very least I'd have a deeply relaxing experience. Well...after I recuperated from the 1st session of Hypnotic-O...literally when the convulsions stopped and I could catch my breath...I took a minute or so and ran another session...and it only got better and stronger. This is a truly amazing product! ...not only due to the experience I had, but also because it really opened my mind up to the power of the human mind and the incredible things that can be done via hypnosis. I DO plan on checking out more of your products to improve the quality of other areas of my life. In addition, I've entertained the idea of studying hypnotherapy in the past, but now its something I definitely plan on doing. Thank you, not only for the great experience with Hypnotic-O, but also for showing me a different perspective on human capability. To wrap up, please let me know if you ever release a session designed to improve martial arts skills as I'd definitely be interested in checking it out.
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.
Unknown - Hypnotic-O
Dear Victoria,just wanted you to know that i Have played your CD twice and had NO sugar today!I am so pleased as i feel released from a drug.I do not have a lot to loose,about 10 pounds,but from the age of 16 i have been controlled by sugar.I am 57!I have drifted off,so listened to part 1 and 2 together.Is this OK? So happy!I have tried other hypnosis Cd's,but never with these results.Feeling very motivated!Thank you!
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.
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