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Ultimate Weight Loss Power Pack - CDs

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Learn the secret to natural weight loss
Figure out how to lose weight and keep it off for good! Hypnosis helps you manage your weight and easily!
This hypnosis program is a 12-week program that is guaranteed to help you lose weight quickly the natural way.

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Ultimate Weight Loss

Ultimate Weight Loss Power Hypnosis CDs

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The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

Would you like to learn the secret to natural weight loss?

Are you still trying to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off for good?

Hypnosis helps you lose weight quickly and easily!

How would you feel if you could not only lose the weight, but also maintain weight loss?

This hypnosis program is a 12-week program that is guaranteed to help you lose weight quickly the natural way. Victoria Gallagher has successfully used this program during one-on-one hypnosis sessions and now wants to offer it to you to help you achieve natural weight loss . While the one-on-one sessions are individualized, if you have the motivation and desire to succeed at your weight loss goals, and maintain that natural weight loss afterward this program will provide you will all the tools you need to be successful in 12-weeks.

Week 1 - The Foundation:

During the first week you will spend a mere 20 minutes a day in a state of deep hypnosis . During this week, you will create the foundation on which the hypnosis program is built. Your objective this week is to set a goal, learn how to go into a hypnotic state , and discover come up with 10 limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from being able achieve and maintain natural weight loss . You will turn those limiting beliefs into powerful positive affirmations that will help you lose weight quickly. You will learn how to write your own powerful affirmations. When you write your own affirmations they are ten times as powerful as ones created by another.

Week 2 - Hunger Dial:

During week two of this hypnosis program you will learn to detect the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger. Emotional hunger can be the biggest deterrent on your journey to learning how to lose weight. In this session you will learn to envision a door to a room. Within this room you will see several dials to aid you in controlling your urge to eat when you are upset. When you learn to turn down your hunger dial when you are feeling emotional you will not only lose weight quickly, but also maintain weight loss effortlessly.

Week 3 - Screen of the Mind:

In this hypnosis session you will work with two pictures. The first picture is your body and your weight as you are now. The second picture is the way you envision yourself being after you learn how to lose weight . Through this session you will learn to bring the second picture out into your reality, molding your behaviors on a subconscious level which will enable you to lose weight quickly . When you focus clearly on this second screen the ability to achieve natural weight loss will be easier than you ever imagined it being.

Week 4 - Access the Cause:

In this hypnosis session Victoria will gently lead you back in time to help you discover the root of the problem. Sometimes just getting an understanding of what's preventing you from being able to manage your weight can resolve the problem on its own. This will be a way to find out on an even deeper level, what beliefs are responsible for your inability to lose weight quickly . At this level of awareness, we can invite new resources in to help you in your endeavors, where they have hindered your natural weight loss ability in the past.

Week 5 - Drinking Water:

Drinking water is one of the most important habits you can ever create for yourself. Not only will water help you to lose weight quickly, it will help you with a wide range of other ailments, including stress, depression, fatigue, allergies, arthritis, and digestion problems... just to name a few. The affect that water has on the body is enormous. The suggestions in this hypnosis session will help you to begin to reduce weight by drinking water and reminding you to replace other beverages with water in order to maintain weight loss.

Week 6 - Exercise:

With this hypnosis session you will add exercise to your program. You will feel the effects of exercise taking place... whether you exercise for 5 minutes or 50 minutes; the most important thing is to get into the habit every day. This program will help you to integrate exercise into your life and overcome the thought processes and habits that may have hindered your ability to enjoy exercise in the past. When you develop a steady daily habit of exercise your metabolism will naturally increase. This will help you effortlessly manage your weight and obtain your ultimate goal to lose weight quickly.

Week 7 - Healthy Eating:

In this hypnosis sessions you will focus on healthy eating habits. Many of your eating habits were instilled in you as a child. Victoria will help you recognize those triggers and habits and slowly over the week those habits will change. Eating a regular and healthy diet is essential to your ability to manage your weight as well as to maintain weight loss after you achieve your goals. This session focuses on overcoming one of the biggest hurdles that most people encounter when trying to lose weight quickly.

Week 8 - Metabolism:

This week we will work with a hypnosis technique that will enable you to turn up your metabolism. Your metabolism plays a very important role in your ability to lose weight quickly and to maintain weight loss afterward as well. Essentially your metabolism is your body’s engine, the rate at which it processes and breaks down the fuel in your body will ultimately determine your long-term success. Your ability to manage your weight effortlessly will come naturally after you tune up your metabolism.

Week 9 - Banish Old Patterns of Behavior for Good:

During this hypnosis session you will utilize one of the most powerful techniques of Neuro Linguistics Programming. This particular technique was originated by a famous Psychologist, and has since been widely used by students of Tony Robbins books and seminars. It's called "Swish."

Week 10 - Melt Fat:

In this hypnosis session you will work with the inside of your body to manage your weight. Your subconscious mind has the power to control everything in your body, including the rate and speed of cell growth. Even though you may be doing all the right things for your body, your fat cells may be hanging in there longer than you would like, inhibiting your ability to lose weight quickly. In this session you will teach your subconscious to inhibit the growth of new fat cells and let go of the fat cells you already have.

Week 11 - Reshaping Your Body:

In this session, you will use the power of hypnosis to work with the appearance of your body image. You will reinforce the respect you have for your body and all of your new eating, exercise, and water drinking habits.

Week 12 - Maintenance:

This hypnosis program combines everything you have already learned over the past few weeks. Combining it into a condensed suggestion session designed to help you maintain weight loss and your new found lifestyle.

When you purchase this full 12 week hypnosis program for only $129.00 you will be buying yourself an entire new lifestyle. You know that it’s time for you to go right ahead treat yourself to a new, healthier and happier you. You deserve it.

Give yourself permission to choose to give this wonderful gift of happiness to yourself now. Your slimmer more beautiful body will be thanking you when you do.

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Customer Reviews

It works for me Review by Linda
I can already see a curve in my waistline that wasn't there before I started this program. Victoria's plan for weight loss is sound. Her voice is soothing, and I look forward to my hypnosis session every day. Without these CDs, I know how to lose weight -- but I don't WANT to do what it takes. With the CDs, I honestly have a desire to eat healthy foods rather than junk food and to drink a lot more water. I fully expect to achieve and maintain my weight goal with the help of this program.
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. (Posted on 2/7/13)
the Weight Loss program is awesome. Review by Kim
I can actually walk by the pastry section at the grocery store and not even look twice at the sweets.
*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. (Posted on 4/26/12)
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