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Hypnosis and Hair Growth

By Victoria Gallagher, C.M. Ht.


Hair! One of the single most desired beauty enhancers in the world. As a whole, we spend more time, money, energy, and focus, beautifying this one part of the body, the hair on our head, than any other part of the body. Am I correct? Between hair cuts, hair coloring, looking through magazines for hair styles, buying the latest hair care products, not to mention the amount of time we spend in front of the mirror each day, blow drying, straightening, curling, brushing, gelling, each strand of hair into perfect alignment with our personalities.


Having a bad hair day? A popular phrase coined from those moments of sheer frustration because our hair wouldn’t go right, leaving us to face the world with our dreads in opposition from the plans we had for it.


Hair is obviously a big deal. Many resort to weaves, wigs, chemicals, or just shaving it all off as a resort to fixing what’s on the tops of our scalp more to our liking.


Well, what if that just were not necessary? What if you could have the healthy hair you really wanted without spending $1000’s of dollars to make it grow?


I am speaking of being able to grow your own healthy hair with your own hair follicles that once were.


There are several factors which cause unhealthy hair or hair to stop growing altogether. One of the most notable causes is genetics. However, there are many other factors which play a role in hair loss as well; nutrition, stress, exercise, and your beliefs.


Yes, your beliefs about whether you are going to grow up and lose all your hair can play a role in losing it. And so, it stands to reason that if you can change those beliefs, you can change the results.


More importantly however are the two most modifiable factors and that is stress and nutrition.


There have been scientific studies done where lab rats have been subject to stress and they have lost hair. Stress plays a role in hair loss and stress is something that you can change.


The hair on your head is a great indicator for how well you are taking care of yourself and therefore, if you are losing your hair due to stress or poor diet, think about what it is doing to the rest of your body.


Through the relaxation exercises and visualizations in hypnosis, you will learn a better response to stress. You will learn which foods provide the proper nutrients to bring health to your hair. You can even learn to enjoy and crave the types of foods that are going to help your hair to grow.


For example, B and C vitamins are very essential to hair growth and can be found in many fruits and vegetables. Although, we talk very specifically about which ones and which foods you will gravitate toward in order to grow your healthy beautiful hair.


Just by focusing on this one element of your body daily and learning to speak non-violently to this part of your body, you are going to create an environment where the hair follicles are supported and have the best opportunity for growth.


Our hair growth program, Hypnosis for Healthy Hair Growth, will not only help you to have the best hair ever, grow it fast and long if that is what you want, but it is going to help support your overall well-being.


Who ever thought that you could receive some kind of personal growth through focusing on trying to grow your hair longer? But, now you will create a new found respect for your hair, your body and bring about a beautiful sense of well-being by listening to Hypnosis for Healthy Hair Growth every day.



Hair Growth - CD
  • Overcome stress responsible for hair loss.
  • Encourage new cell growth.
  • Learn to Take better care of yourself.