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Attract a Loving Relationship - CDs
Mental preparation for meeting the love of your life.

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hypnosis cd

Are you ready for a new and loving relationship, using hypnosis?

Do you wish you could find your soul mate while picking up your morning coffee?

Now with Victoria's new program How to Attract a Loving Relationship hypnosis program, you can do just that. This amazing product can walk you through all the steps you need to prepare yourself mind, body and soul for meeting the love of your life.

Never before has Victoria launched a program that goes into this depth. You can not only visualize, and therefore attract, your soul mate, but you can deal with all the subconscious issues that cause you to question a healthy relationship when you find one. This program is made of four hypnosis sessions custom designed to prepare you for obtaining and maintaining a loving relationship.

Track One: Attract Your Soul Mate

In this hypnosis session you can walk along an enchanted beach. You can feel the sand beneath your toes, and smell the salt that permeates the air. While strolling through the tide you can find your soul mate waiting for you. Perhaps you can be meeting for the first time, or maybe it can just be the first time you are able to see them for who they are. In this serene environment you can be able to talk with one another, ask questions and get answers about how you can come together in the physical world, and learn the things you need to know to have a healthy relationship with them. You can discover what, if anything is blocking your path to each other, and develop solutions, or find an alternate path all together, clearing the way for you to meet your true love and begin a whole new loving relationship in the physical world.

Track Two: I Am Magnetic

In this part of the process you can learn how to open yourself up to the universe. Magnetism is the natural state of being open and caning to receive your hearts desires. This is an extremely important part of being able to find your soul mate. By utilizing this part of the program you can learn how to draw energy from the universe that can amplify your beauty from within. Increasing your attractive energy can amplify everything that is inside of you, increasing the positive vibrations you send out into the world. This increases your chances that your soul mate can receive these spiritual images and respond to them, enabling you to start a new and healthy relationship.

Track Three: Confidence with the Opposite Sex

This part of the program was designed to give you time to practice your interactions in social situations. By visualizing yourself in situations with the opposite sex you can be able to scrutinize your actions and discover the places where you are lacking in confidence. When you discover where you lack confidence you can improve your self-assurance in a safe relaxing environment, and enable yourself to find a healthy and more loving relationship. When you take the steps to expand and amplify those places in your life where you do feel confident and you can project that confidence into your social interactions with others. This can make it easier to find your soul mate.

Track Four: Create a Healthy Relationship

This is by far the most important part of this process. In this final session you can learn to let go of the mistakes you have made in your past relationships. The only way you can hope to have a new loving relationship, that is also a healthy relationship, is to start by loving yourself. In order to do that you need to learn to face your mistakes and the bad decisions you have made in the past, and then learn to let them go. By listening to this hypnosis program daily you can notice the weight that has been clinging to your relationships vaporizing into thin air. Just as naturally as you fall in love when you find your soul mate, you can let go of the one before. The negative thoughts that plague every situation in your new relationship can just naturally go quiet.

When you buy this program, normally valued at $116.00, for just $69.00 you are making a commitment to yourself for a happier future in a more loving relationship.

hypnosis cd
Attract a Loving Relationship - CDs
  • Overcome barriers to healthy relationships.

  • Find out what makes you more attractive.

  • Get Mentally prepared to meet and keep the one.


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