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Hypnosis and Psychic Development

The first thing to understand about psychic power is whether you believe this or not, you are already psychic. That's right, you have always been psychic.


The next thing to understand about being Psychic is that it is a gift that each and every one of us was born with. While there are those who have mastered the art and the skill of their psychic ability, everyone has this ability. But it does take practice. It takes trust, and belief in you.


How do I know you are already psychic? Well, here are a few common examples of psychic phenomenon playing out in our lives:


Have you ever had the experience of anticipating when the phone was going to ring and even knowing who was on the other end before picking up the receiver?


Or have you ever had a dream that ended up coming true?


Do you ever find yourself at just the right place at the right time?


Or running into someone that you were just thinking about?


Or do you ever get a really bad feeling in your belly about something that you just know you need to avoid.


It is these and other similar situations where some may call it coincidence, and there is no way that you can prove that you just knew these events would happen for some strange reason that I would call brief psychic moments. Psychic energy is that unseen energy that does exist, but you experience it at the level of our unconscious or subconscious, even super conscious mind.


Of course, since we access the subconscious mind in hypnosis, hypnosis is naturally a very powerful tool to help you to practice and develop your own psychic powers.


I would like to emphasize that being psychic at the level where you are able to give readings to other people can take years of practice.


I have developed a six session hypnosis program for the purpose of helping you utilize and direct the psychic energy in positive ways in your life. For example;


* White Light as a protection or as a healing force so that you can feel safe in the world and in your psychic and spiritual pursuits.

* Balancing your Chakras, will help you in so many ways, including increasing your energy.

* Communicating with your Spirit Guide will help you to stay on your spiritual path and provide guidance and direction.

* Developing Intuition will help you in your relationships, communication, and business.

* Remote Healing - a gift we were all born with, the ability to heal others. How many people do you know that could benefit from this amazing power and ability that YOU have within YOU.

* Astral Travel - Adventures beyond the physical. Definitely cheaper than traveling by boat or airplane!


Imagine the discoveries you will make and the things you will be able to accomplish in your life by tapping into your psychic energy.



Tap into your Psychic Power - CDs
  • Tune into your intuition.
  • Unlock psychic abilities.
  • Learn to recognize healing energy.