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How To Place An Order

We offer Hypnosis in Downloadable (MP3) and Physical (CD) Formats

Of the 500 Hypnosis audios we offer, all of them are available in Downloadable (MP3) format and approximately 160 are also available in CD Format.

How to Order Hypnosis Downloads:

On the Menu, Hover over "Hypnosis Downloads", select and click on a category.  Or Choose "All Hypnosis Downloads" to see a list of ALL downloads on one page.

Simply Click "Add to Cart" and either "Continue Shopping" or "Check out" at which time you will be guided through the easy checkout process.

How to download Your File(s):

  • Hover your mouse over the hyperlink, of the product name or the blue down arrow button: 
  • Click the link. Your file should immediately start downloading.



If your Ipod Stops playing after a few seconds. Recommended Solution: Use the following IPOD Fix:

  • Import the mp3 file into the iTunes library, DO NOT PERFORM A SYNC before converting the file.
  • Convert the file to AAC by doing the following:
  • Right click on the imported file and select "convert selection to AAC". This process will take a couple of minutes and a NEW file will be created by
  • iTunes and be placed in the library.

Return Policy on Downloads

Due to the fact that there is no way for you to "return" an MP3, our refund policy is slightly different on these programs. We are willing to return 50% of the funds back to you in whichever manner you paid us. And 50% as a store credit. This is a one time return policy, meaning you can not return the item you purchased using the store credit.

Ex. If you buy a $99 Download and you decide to return it, You will be refunded

  • $49.50 back to your card, paypal, etc. and
  • $49.50 will be sent as store credit for you to use however you wish.

We do not offer refunds that arise due to technical difficulties. Download issues usually happen because of a PC configuration on your end. All Downloads have been tested and are guaranteed to work. A refund will not be considered until you have a successfully downloaded and played the products you have purchased. We will see to it that your product works or provide you with a CD for an additional charge before granting any refunds. 

Additionally, our policy is NOT a "no questions asked" policy.  We WILL ask you the reason for returning the product because maybe it turns out that you just needed further information to help you get the most value from our programs.  Our objective is to make you happy with the products you buy from us, and if there is no way for you to be happy with our product, in the end we will certainly grant you a refund.

We also provide you with numerous Free ways to find out if you are going to like our hypnosis method, voice, and that you can play our files.

  • Sign up for our Free Self-Hypnosis Course, which includes a 30-minute Hypnosis Mp3.
  • Listen to Samples of most of our products on the product pages themselves.
  • Take our Free Suggestibility Tests which will allow you to see how hypnotizable you are.

On the other hand, CD's are 100% money back guaranteed, minus shipping charges.

To Place Orders for Hypnosis Scripts:

Hover over "Hypnosis Scripts" on the menu, select and click on a category.  Or Choose "All Hypnosis Scripts" to see a list of ALL hypnosis scripts on one page. You will have a selection of several Hypnosis Script Books to choose from. These items, because of the copyright nature, similar to when you buy a book or a music CD at a store are completely NON-refundable.

To Place Orders for Hypnosis CD's:

On the Menu, Hover over "Hypnosis CD's", select and click on a category.  Or Choose "All Hypnosis CDs" to see a list of ALL Hypnosis CDs on one page.

"Add to Cart" on the CD you wish to buy. Continue doing this until you have selected all the CD's you would like. Then proceed to check out and follow the directions from there.

Payment Methods:

We acccept the following forms of payment, which you can select from the drop down menu below.

Secure Credit Card Payments:

You can rest assurred that our site is secure. If you select to pay by Credit Card, and click Continue at the bottom of this page, you will see that on the next page, when you enter in your credit card information that the page address bar changes to https:// which means it is a secure page.

Paypal payment types:

  • Checking Account: If your Paypal account is associated with your checking account, and not your debit or credit card, then paypal treats it like an ordinary "e-check" and you will have to wait for funds to clear which could take up to 10 days. You will not receive products until funds are clear.
  • Debit/Credit Card: We have found that most of our customers have their paypal accounts associated with a credit or debit card, and in that case, you will receive your order immediately.

Sending in Payment:

Should you choose this method, please continue through the checkout process, print out the final payment page and send it along with your payment. We will send your items once your check has been cleared. We Only accept U.S. Funds. We do not accept International Personal Checks or Money Orders.

Telephone in Credit Card:

Should you choose this method, please continue through the checkout process until you see the final payment page and the phone number to call is displayed. Call the phone number on that page and if no one answers, it is perfectly safe to leave your credit card information to be processed on the voice mail. The voice mail is only answered by Victoria herself and is very secure and can not be accessed by anyone else.

Shipping Methods:

Yes, we ship Worldwide!

Orders are fulfilled Tuesday through Friday; through our fulfillment company in Michigan;

Orders placed by 1PM EST; Tuesday through Friday will go out the same day.

Orders placed after 1PM EST; go out the next business day.

Keep in mind that orders placed on a Friday after 1PM will not go out until Tuesday.

We offer FedEX and USPS each with a variety of options.

Please use our shipping calculator to find out how much an order will cost to ship to your location, based on the items in your cart and your zip code and preferred Method of delivery.

Please note that where our shipping calculator displays "UPS" those orders actually go out via "FedEx"

Reward Points:

Customers who wish to check out using their reward points need to first log into their account, and then select the number of points they wish to use in the "Shopping Cart"

Discount Codes / Gift Certificates:

If you have a Gift Certificate or Discount Code, you will apply this code in the space provided in the "Shopping Cart"


Please email us at [email protected] to let us know if you have any other questions before placing an order.