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Couples Hypnosis - Tools for Relationships

What is the most important thing in your life? Think about that for a moment. Is it your career? Money? Things? Family? There is no right or wrong answer here. However, generally when asked the question, many people will say that it is the relationships that they have with their spouses, their kids, their family, and their friends. And even if it is the money, the career, and the other things in your life, isn't it always pleasurable to be able to share those things with a person who is special to you in your life?


So, as you think about the people in your life, what are those relationships like? Are there things that you wish could be improved in some way? In what way would they improve? How is the communication? Are there conflicts? (Of course there are. What relationship doesn't have conflicts?) More importantly, how are those conflicts resolved? Are they resolved or are there ongoing little unconscious resentments that go unmentioned for days, months, or even years?


Hypnosis for Couples - Bouquet of Roses


How about your level of intimacy? Do you feel comfortable sharing things with your partner about your feelings and your needs? What does deeper communication look like to you? Do you feel appreciated? Does your relationship have a vision and a purpose? Would you like to spend more quality time together, in loving ways? And how would the other things in your life improve if you were getting your needs met in your relationship?


Life is all about relationships really. The word relationship comes from the root word to relate. And the dictionary definition of the word relate is: to narrate or tell, to establish or demonstrate a connection between, to have connection, relation, or reference, and to have or establish a reciprocal relationship; interact. Whichever definition you choose to look at, the most basic element of the word to relate is communication. So, that being the case, your relationships are really no different then, and no better and no worse than your ability to communicate. When I say communicate, however, intimate relationships would include your ability to communicate intimately. Intimate meaning, your deepest nature, and your innermost essence of who you really are.


Communicating effectively also includes the ability to receive another person's reality. To be able to understand that person and have compassion about what they are sharing as if you were experiencing it from their perspective. As a matter of fact, I assert that the key element in communication is listening.


Hypnosis for Couples - Neon Man Being Pulled with a rope by WomanSo, when studies show that the single biggest problem among all relationships is lack of communication, it only makes sense. The biggest complaints however about the communication is usually that the person feels misunderstood, or not listened to.


This makes total sense. First off, while you were formally taught the skill of talking, you may have never really been formally taught the skill of listening. Additionally, there are ways of communicating to another person that causes their heart to close down and lose interest in the conversation. Of course, these styles of communicating are never discussed in a formal setting. Unfortunately neither the listener nor the communicator is usually even aware of how or why this is happening when it's happening. All you see is the end result that was created of two people talking at each other with no mutual exchange of understanding another person's reality.


Communication doesn't necessarily always mean verbal communication. As a matter of fact, verbal communication only accounts for less than 10% of our communication. Yet, it is the most detrimental form of communication because of the ways in which you try to sensor the things you are going to say.


Your feelings, body, facial expression, hand gestures, and eyes say a lot, often communicating the contrary to which your verbal language is speaking, the truth. The feelings you have that go unexpressed are picked up on by another. You KNOW, when something is wrong with your spouse when you are with them, don't you? You can FEEL it. You can sense it. True? Hypnosis for Couples - Neon Man and Woman Swimming or Flying


Your feelings never lie. And neither do those other forms of non-verbal expressions you have. You are always communicating openly and honestly in those ways. However, where people usually get into trouble is with verbal expression. And that is because before you verbally communicate, you THINK, analyze, and sensor what you are going to say before you say it. And as such, you can have a tendency to send out mixed signals, and are not getting the REAL message across. And while it may seem subtle, this withheld communication is where conflict gets created.


Another place where conflict gets created is when what another person is sharing triggers you. What I mean by triggered is that you feel something about yourself because of what they are sharing. These feelings can be any number of things, but when you are feeling it, you aren't really hearing what they are saying anymore. You shut off your listening valve and begin to become worked up inside or get defensive. And then the communication takes on the form of a battle. Two people shouting out their reality and proving to each other that their reality is the right reality and their partner's reality is wrong.


Your ability to communicate with your significant other about feelings is the direct link toward being known and understood. One of life's most precious gifts is the ability to share one's reality and experience of life with another. To be able to articulate needs and feelings and share about what is important, can only be done through the practice of communication.


What would it be like if you could just talk and share with each other, the deepest part of yourself, and see each other as innocent like you probably did in the beginning of your relationship? When you open yourself completely through truth and honesty, you will discover a sense of freedom and experience a deeper connection with yourself and with your partner.


In hypnosis, you will relax your mind and let down your guard. When you let down your guard, you let in more love. You are able to experience yourself and your partner and listen to what they are really saying to you. You are able to communicate with them in such a way that opens the heart, yours and theirs. And since you are learning these techniques in a state of hypnosis, the learning curve of being able to retain the information and continue using these communication skills is greatly enhanced.


Couples Hypnosis - Man and Woman out to SeaCouples Hypnosis - Tools for Relationship Empowerment. This program is 8 Hypnosis Sessions, varying in length between 20 to 40 minutes each. The sessions can be done alone or with a partner. I have designed them to be done with a partner, but I also kept in mind that some people may wish to do it on their own, or not have a partner who is willing to participate with them in this way. You will get benefits from the program either way you do it.


The Sessions include:


* Recapturing Positive Feelings

* Sending Love Energy

* Expressing Gratitude

* Increasing Intimacy

* Releasing Resentment

* Finding Forgiveness

* Issue Clearing

* Our Vision


I have designed the program to be followed in order to create the best experience possible. Each session builds on the last and takes you to deeper levels of hypnotic discovery and intimacy within yourself and with each other.


You will learn more about yourself and grow closer in your relationship as you implement and work with the techniques taught in each of the sessions.


This is truly one amazing program. You will get to interact with each other in hypnosis.


Each of the induction techniques in this program are unique and were developed specifically for each session of this program.


I have searched the Internet high and low for a program such as this, and to my knowledge thus far, it simply does not exist.


However, you can have the confidence in knowing that while I have never seen a program like this to date, the concepts that I have arranged in this program were influenced by some of my favorite teachers in the relationship field, such as Dr. John Grey, Dr. Harville Hendrix, and Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.


I hope that you will get to experience this extraordinary program and allow it to bring about all the joy, love, and beauty that there is available to you.


The entire eight-session program is only $99.00, which is the cost of a one-on-one hypnosis session. This is a considerably small investment to help you to improve one of the most crucial aspects of your life.


Most importantly, I know you are going to absolutely love this program. It is awesome!




As far as the Couple's Therapy CD set, I can't tell you enough! Bill and I talked about it last night and how perfectly it fitted our needs-it was intimate, structured, objective and very safe. We also feel strongly about our attitudes going into this program. We kept an open mind, remained vulnerable and honest and were there for each other. Key is not to "blame" each other, but to go in with the purpose of healing the relationship-not changing your mate. In my personal opinion, I felt it was more productive and healing than seeing a therapist who for their own reasons are not totally objective and carry their own agendas. This was the perfect anecdote to the confusion we held in our lifes. Thank you Victoria!!



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