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How can you Manifest Money through Hypnosis?

Manifest Money
  • Understand how to Manifest Money.
  • Change your limiting beliefs about money.
  • Create a new relationship with money.
The first thing to understand is this: MONEY IS ENERGY. It is an illusive force that means nothing really, except for it is a tool that we use in order to exchange our energy (time, effort, savings) for some kind of service or product, which was created by someone else s time and effort.


The next thing to understand is that, it doesn't matter where you started out in life, dirt poor, or silver spoon in your mouth. We all have the same means and ability to create money. Oprah Winfrey among many, many others who are at her level of fame and fortune, rose from a very poor and abuse-ridden childhood.


And yet, there have been countless lottery winners, who had access to millions of dollars and let it dwindle down to nothing.


The point being, the amount of wealth, liberty, money, abundance, prosperity, or whatever you wish to call it, mirrors the model you have created in your subconscious mind.


Your thoughts are very powerful. If you look upon rich people and think negatively toward them, this is a belief system that will hold you back from attaining wealth.


If you are trying to escape from feelings of desperation, spending most of your time focusing on how bad your life is, and very little on thinking about how good it COULD be, you are digging your own grave into the pits of poverty.


The good news is that you can change the way you think and feel about money by practicing with the concepts that are in Manifest Money.


There are 8 sessions in Manifest Money to help you to create the life of abundance you so long for.


CD 1

Session #1: Financial Prosperity - There are numerous spiritual laws of abundance. Are you in alignment with each of them? What if there was just one law that could change your relationship with money and success forever? Use the wisdom of your subconscious to find out what is working for you and what is working against you?


Session #2: I am Magnetic - Your vibration is responsible for attracting negative and positive situations to you. Since like attracts like, it's very simple to understand that if you could get your mind, emotions, and even your physical body to feel really good, your vibration will be positive and draw the miracles you want into your life.


CD 2

Session #3: Let go of Limiting Beliefs - What were you taught about money. It's not uncommon for parents, teachers, kids, clergymen, etc. to accidentally plant very negative beliefs about money. These believes will stay with you forever. Now you can find out what has been holding you back and release those beliefs and adopt beliefs that will support your goal to create money.


Session #4: My Abundant Self - Meet the abundant part of yourself. This is a part of you that knows that it is your natural birthright to be abundant. Learn from this part of yourself what you need to know in order for you to break through to the abundant life that has been waiting for you.


CD 3

Session #5: Confidently Abundant - It takes confidence in yourself to create money. It also takes confidence to earn it doing what you want. This session will help you to become the person you were meant to be, to feel excited and confident about your life and where you are going.


Session #6: Morning Money Meditation - Start each day feeling ready to take a step forward in creating what you desire. A short 15 minute meditation that will wake you up!


CD 4 -

Session #7: Money is Energy - A 25 minute talk by Victoria Gallagher, explaining the concept that Money is Energy. Good to listen to while you are driving or just while taking a break.


Session #8: Auto Affirmations - This 30 minute track is also to be listened to while awake. You can use it while driving or while working or anything that you desire. Lots of positive affirmations to help you keep your positive vibration up all day.



Manifest Money - CDs
  • Improve your financial outlook.
  • Create new feelings about money.
  • Learn different paths you can take to manifesting.