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x Listening Instructions

Some programs require that you listen to the first session for a week and then the following week you move to the next session and keep on going forward. You do this process and then repeat it a second time. You can then continue afterwards depending on results.

Example programs that use this method:


Other programs are a gathering of similar programs that make up a whole new program. You can listen to whichever sessions you bought the program for if you wish, but we highly recommend giving every session a try. A suggested month is minimum, but listen as long as you have to until you achieve results you are happy with....The more sessions, the longer you may have to commit to a program.

Example programs that are combined former single session programs:


Then there are other programs that are more unique.

For example, Grow Taller uses the session-per-week method but the session titled "Restorative Sleep" is also to be listened to nightly and not be put in the weekly rotation as it's already done every day.

You could always listen to certain sessions or skip sessions in the session-per-week based programs, as you may find some sessions do not apply to you or you may only want to listen to certain pieces of a program rather than the whole thing. However, no matter which product you buy, we recommend you listen to the entire product at least once through.

Can I listen to multiple CD's at once?

A common question we have been asked. You can listen to more than one CD at a time if you feel up to the challenge. We suggest two programs being the maximum amount but it is possible to do more. It is more your personal preference and if you think after doing two for a while that both are benefiting you. Naturally, if you only do one program, you concentrate on the one topic and work at it so results may come quicker or differently than listening to multiple CD's.

The minimum amount of time for the average program is one month however many programs have more sessions than a month can handle or are meant to be longer programs. Ultimate Weight Loss Power Pack, Couples Hypnosis, Manifest Money, Good Luck and all of the growth related programs require more time.

No matter which program you get, please give it time! Hypnosis is different for everyone. Some people may experience results quicker than others while others may take longer than the suggested amount of time.

Because hypnosis can be different and we can't determine results for everyone you have full year money back warranty to test the waters and make sure you gave the hypnosis program you purchased your full effort.