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Conquer the Fear of Confrontation
Overcome fear of being open and honest about your feelings.

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Do you fear confrontation?

Do you fear that you will be unable to open up and will freeze in your path when you are confronting someone?

Are you looking for a way to ease this fear and become confident in your confrontational skills?

Confrontation is merely the fear of the unknown, and with the help of this session, you will be able to conquer those fears. You will shift into a place of openness today and to a place of understanding. When you are crystal clear on what you want, you can more easily get what you need. Confrontation is merely understanding and coming to a place of commonality between two parties. Everyone has a different viewpoint and a different perspective, and that's okay. Everyone also has a right to express their opinion as they see fit. You can confront someone in a loving and gentle manner. You can confront someone from a place of calm and understanding. You can honor someone's opinion, but still disagree with it.

The key to effective confrontation is open and honest communication because everything is about the communication. You will become an expert in this area, and you will be able to always figure out beforehand what kind of resolution you are seeking to achieve, before you even begin the actual experience.

There are really only three simple steps when it comes to confrontation, and will learn to be a master at these steps. The first step involves a mental rehearsal, where you review the conversation in your mind before you get to the actual act of confrontation. The second step involves figuring out the conflict resolution you are seeking before you even come to the table. The third step involves stating very clearly and concisely your point of view, and then listening to what the other person has to say in response. Many times the process ends right there, with no further action needed. Confrontation is merely the act of communication and once you accomplish this, you are free to move to the next phase, which is simply more communication and conflict resolution.

You also will develop a policy that you always start a confrontation out with a positive, flattering statement, because this sets the tone up for a civil conversation. You also begin by saying an "I" statement or something like "I wonder if you might have a moment to talk" or even "I would like to set aside some time today to talk about something." Starting the conversation up in a civil manner will more than likely get that other person to listen to you intently and focus all the attention on you and the conversation.

Confrontation is all about self-assertion and self-assurance. It is about believing in yourself. It is about choosing your battles wisely and not sweating the small stuff. You have a right to be heard, and you shall be heard. This hypnosis session will help you confront people with ease and help you feel a great sense of relief afterwards as well as make you feel extremely proud of what you just accomplished. It will feel so refreshing!

hypnosis download
Conquer the Fear of Confrontation

  • Become Assertive and Confident.

  • Bridge the gap between fear and courage.

  • Break through invisible barriers.

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