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Coping with Rejection - CD

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hypnosis cd

Have you recently experienced a rejection?

You have the ability to take the experience and use it to spring back and make yourself a better, stronger person.

Although you have experienced a rejection, it does not reflect on you as a person. It does not matter if the rejection was a job offer that did not come through or a relationship that did not work out. Through this hypnosis program you can learn to bounce back from rejections that may occur in your life and you can be given the skills to take the experience and learn from it.

You are a unique and special person. There is no one else like you and you have so much to offer the world. By listening to this hypnosis program regularly you can be able to realize your special gifts and talents. The gifts that make you different than anyone else and the gifts that are desired by other individuals, whether it be for a job or a relationship.

When you learn the skills to be able to bounce back from rejection, you can be a stronger person. This strength can increase your confidence. As your confidence increases your chance of rejection lessens and if you are rejected you can know that it is not about you, it just happens to be about the situation. Let this hypnosis program give you the skills to rebound steadily from rejection.

hypnosis cd
Coping with Rejection - CD
  • Spring back from rejection.

  • Realize your special gifts and talents.

  • Increase your confidence.

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