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Enlarge your Breasts Naturally Using Hypnosis!

Testimonial: I have been using Victoria's Breast Enlargement CD series for about a month now and have noticed a difference in my 36.5" bust-line from the first week. After having children, I went to a plastic surgeon to see what he could do but was not encouraged with his answer. For me, the results from the BE series is better than surgery. No scars and no pain. I have a natural look and feel to my breasts because it is all me. The cleavage is much more "perkier" and I feel much healthier with more confidence. I've gained over 1.5" so far and haven't finished yet! Although he didn't know I was on the program for a few weeks, he kept noticing the difference in my bust-line. He is very excited and so am I. Thank you, Victoria!


Lets face it ladies, having a larger breast size looks good and feels even better, not only to your partner but you as well.


Have you ever notice those times in your life, maybe it was during your monthly cycle or when you put on an extra few pounds that your breasts were fuller, rounder, or even firmer? Maybe you remember what it felt like when your breasts were beginning to grow for the first time and they were very firm then, weren't they? Maybe you've found yourself in a new bra size, or in a new dress or a blouse that shows off that beautiful cleavage. You know you look extra good and you feel extra good about the size of your breasts. Have you ever noticed the extra attention you get when your breasts are larger? Even if it's only coming because you are feeling more self-confident about your body. Only to find that as soon as the cycle is over or you take off those few pounds, there goes the chest right along with it. Come on, you know what I'm talking about, don't you?


Or maybe you haven't ever experienced anything like that? Would you like to? I mean permanently! Would you like to cause your breasts to naturally grow?


Would you like to wake up every morning with fuller, larger, firmer, more shapely breasts that fill out your entire bra or even increase a cup size or two? Of course you would!


Now... what if you could do that AND keep or even reduce the size of the rest of your body! Now there's something you dont hear the plastic surgeons, breast pumps, pills, or creams ever mentioning.... Why? Because what I am talking about can only be created from one place and that is at the level of your subconscious mind. We'll get to why and how it works in a moment.


How would you like to do that safely, easily, guaranteed, and naturally, without any pills, creams, or KNIVES or their subsequent scars and bruises!


Ladies read on... You will be pleased to know that you CAN have the body you have always dreamed about, for a fraction of the cost of those other more invasive techniques.


That's right! Not only can we increase your breast size in as little as three - six weeks, you will have NO SCARS! No pain. No worries whatsoever about haven't FOREIGN OBJECTS in your body ever! As a matter of fact, hypnosis feels VERY pleasant, and its very good for you. And this hypnosis is especially wonderful.

Scientific proof says that you can enlarge your breasts through hypnosis


There was a time in your life when your body was growing and making all sorts of changes. The fact of the matter is, you still have that information, stored in your subconscious mind. In "Journey Through Time," we will explore that time and bring it with you back to the present moment all of the information needed to pick up wherever you left off. You will give your breasts permission to grow again and become larger by releasing any negative beliefs that you may have been carrying around about women with large breasts. Think about how many women you have looked at in envy or jealousy and what the thoughts you might have been thinking then. Well, now you can BE one of those women with larger, fuller, firmer breasts and in hypnosis you get to step inside your body to see how you feel with larger breasts.


Your cells are always changing and reproducing themselves. Where do you think that information comes from? It comes from the image you hold in your subconscious mind. In hypnosis you can recreate that image. You have probably heard about people being able to remove cancer from their bodies and even aids through the use of visualization, i.e. seeing the good little pacman cells eating up the bad cells. The proof is in that you can change the size of your cells, the integrity of cells, and subsequently the health and shape of your body.


There are a total of five sessions in this Breast Enlargement series:


Session 1: Anchoring in Growth


You will get to feel the tingling sensation of your cells responding to the commands to growing your breasts. You will create an anchor that you can use to experience that feeling of your breasts growing throughout the day by squeezing your fingers together, and that causes all necessary conditions in your body to stimulate breast growth. Here is a little experiment you can do to test that out right now. Take the Hand-Tingling Test. (Suggestibility Tests here)


Session 2: Developing Breasts


Helps you to pick up where you left off in your breast development enabling them to grow more full and more perfectly until they are exactly the way you want them to be


Session 3: Healthy Beautiful Body


This session will plant the suggestions not only for enlarging your breasts but to help you to develop a beautiful, perfect and healthy body, the way you want your body to be and to help you even to choose the right kinds of healthy foods to enable you to develop a slender body with full, round, smooth, firm breasts.


Session 4: Pleasure Trip


We will take a journey down through your whole body and create a new connection with your cells, commanding the cells to respond and creating all conditions necessary to increase the size of your breasts.


Session 5: A Journey Through Time


Similar to Developing Breasts only this will also move you forward into the future, helping you to create an image in your minds eye for your body and your breasts to grow exactly the way you want them and imagine them in your mind.



Breast Enlargement - CDs
  • Enjoy Larger, Firmer Breasts.
  • Increase Cup Size.
  • Release Negative beliefs about your breasts.