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Life of Luxury - CD
Dare to dream and imagine a luxurious lifestyle.

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hypnosis cd

Have you ever wondered how the other half lives?

Have you ever wished you could have a Luxury lifestyle?

How would you like to be a part of First Class living

By following these two amazing and innovative hypnosis sessions you can find yourself swiftly on your way to a life of luxury. What would you do if you could have a luxury lifestyle? Would you go mountain climbing in the Rockies? Perhaps you would prefer surfing in Malibu, or golf in Palm Springs. Have you even taken the time to think about it, to hope for it? Well you better start! When you listen to Victoria's calming, two-session Life of Luxury hypnosis series you can soon be First Class living with the freedom, and the ability to make those decisions.

Track One: Living the Life of Luxury

In this hypnosis program you can learn how enjoy the life of luxury. When you listen daily and meditate on the hypnotic points you can visualize yourself with the freedom to choose your lifestyle, to have a luxury lifestyle. See the things around you, feel the respect you receive and the relaxation that only comes from VIP living. Visualize yourself in that stunning outfit from your favorite store. Smell the food and wine from your favorite four star restaurants. Live your life as if you have a Luxury lifestyle, you are First Class living, and you deserve the life of luxury.

Track Two: First Class Living as a VIP

Part two was created to help you maintain the life of luxury you are living. In this part you can learn that all work and no play makes for a dull day. You already work hard to have a Luxury lifestyle. In this session you can learn to embrace your free time, to give yourself permission to take a break and enjoy First Class living. You can enjoy days at the spa, week long cruises, the best restaurants, all with the natural and effortless enjoyment of someone who has nowhere to be and nothing to do. First Class Living as a VIP can teach you to enjoy First Class living.

These sessions would normally retail separately for $29.00 each.

However you can now purchase them both together for only $39.00 and start your life of luxury today!

hypnosis cd
Life of Luxury - CD
  • Imagine the freedom to choose your lifestyle.

  • Learn to Embrace Your Free time.

  • Get in touch with how it feels to live luxuriously.

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