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Life Success Scripts

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Do you wish to have success?

Do you know others that have found success and you want that same success?

Have you ever wondered if hypnosis is the answer?

This three session program Life Success Through Hypnosis was created to address the questions specifically. You don't realize the power your subconscious has over your everyday life. All the negative and self-defeating ideas and thought processes that are going on under the surface. These things can hinder your ability to reach your goals and become a success. While you are listening to Victoria's soothing voice you can travel naturally through the three steps you need to take to be successful. When you follow this program to its end you can notice changes in your life that you never thought you would see.

Track One: Life Purpose Guidance

Through this part of the hypnosis program you can learn to listen to your inner guidance system and follow your life's purpose. When you embrace the things you were naturally meant to do in the physical world, it is easier to reach your goals and be successful in your life. This part of the program would be ideal for a sleep tape. By using the time honored method of repletion your mind can form new thought process that comfortably tune into your inner self. Through the step by step guidance offered in the calming soothing voice of Victoria you can find you subconsciously start making decisions that follow the path of your true purpose in this life. When you start following the direction your inner guidance leads you; you can become a success.

Track Two: Success

Your mind works like the muscles in your body. Just as you exercise to keep the muscles in your body in shape, there are exercises you need to learn to keep your mind in shape. This is covered in this session of the hypnosis program. When you listen closely as Victoria uses soothing and natural hypnotic suggestions to teach you how to exercise your mind. You can learn how to stretch it to its limits, and also how to slip comfortably into a state of mental relaxation. By beginning each day with this visualization you can notice your mind reach a new level of clarity and the choices you make can start to mirror the path you need to take to reach your goals and become a success in life.

Track Three: Creativity

Now we come to our final hypnosis session in the course. By now you are seeing changes happening in your life. Your level of success is surpassing everything you ever hoped to wish for. In this session, Creativity, you can learn how to utilize the naturally creative side of your mind to reach new and undiscovered heights and truly become a success. Everyone's mind is naturally creative; most people just teach themselves to suppress this side of them in order to allow for more conventional ways of thinking. However in order to reach your goals and be successful you have got to be able to think creatively. That is where Victoria's soothing and calming directions can be the most helpful.

Life Success Scripts
  • Let go of the struggle.

  • Reach your goals.

  • Follow the path of your true purpose.


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