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Power to Achieve - CD
Experience the power and motivation to accomplish the goals you set.

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hypnosis cd

Do you lack the motivation to make things happen for yourself?

If someone granted you the power to accomplish all your goals, how much would that be worth?

What would you do to comfortably achieve your dreams?

Victoria recognizes your desire to achieve your dreams, to go forth with purpose and make things happen. She created this unique four session hypnosis program to help you accomplish all your goals with no more time and effort than it takes to listen to the simple individual sessions.

Track One: Motivation

The foundation of becoming motivated to achieve your dreams begins with intention; a desire to make things happen in your life. As you are seeking motivational improvement it is critical that your subconscious mind knows that you have a worthwhile goal in mind that you would like to achieve and complete. Once this part of you has this information, it must act upon that information. This hypnosis session can help you achieve your dreams by helping you to visualize clearly what it is that you look forward to having; the experience of achieving and completing. A goal could be something that can benefit you or benefit others.

Track Two: Goal Achievement

This is an extremely powerful and one of the most useful sessions you can ever find! The ability to accomplish all your goals can seem so much easier to you after listening to this hypnosis program daily. You can learn to open up your childlike qualities that know how to imagine and believe in all their dreams coming true. You too can achieve your dreams as you learn to feel what it is like to make things happen while deep in hypnosis.

Track Three: Positive Thinking

Why do different people react differently to the same situation? Why do similar life events evoke such varying reactions such as depression, anxiety, hostility, elation, and even indifference? Almost every minute of your conscious life you are engaging in self-talk, your internal thought language. These are the sentences with which you describe and interpret the world. By making a choice to change the way you think about the events in your life, you can free yourself from overreacting and stress. As you learn to think in more positive ways, you attract more of what you want into your life.

Track Four: Master the Art of Self- Discipline

Discover the Art of Self-Discipline by using the power of your mind to support you on your journey to achieve your dreams. In this hypnosis session you can make a connection with a part of you known as your higher self, which can be there to help you to accomplish all your goals through keeping your agreements with yourself.

When you buy this four part hypnosis program today for $39.00 you can be making a commitment to yourself and your future that you'll never regret!

hypnosis cd
Power to Achieve - CD
  • Help you visualize clearly what you want.

  • Create a new intention to go for it.

  • Motivation toward acting on your goals.



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