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Self-Esteem Workshop - CDs

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hypnosis cd

Do you wish you could improve your self esteem?

Do you want to learn to love yourself and how to how to build self confidence the natural way?

Are you ready to start using hypnosis to find your true path in life?

In this nine session hypnosis program Victoria can help you learn to love yourself naturally and comfortably. By following this simple program as directed you discover how to build self confidence. Everyone knows that confidence and love of self are two of the key elements to high self esteem. Below is a brief description of each session in the program, by following the quick and easy steps laid out in these sessions you can improve your self esteem in no time at all.

Track One: Self-Love

How can you improve your self esteem? You have all the answers inside you. Let hypnosis help you learn to love yourself by allowing love to guide you. Learn to make the right choices for you in your life. Create a bond of love, a connection with your spirit, a feeling of love that is deep and long-lasting. Become more conscientious about treating yourself with a high amount of respect and dignity. When you learn wow to build self confidence you can make the choices that are best for you.

Two: Becoming the Real You

What does it mean to be the real you? It begins with discovering your own truths about yourself, and growing from there. When you are honest with yourself, and keeping all of the agreements you make with yourself, then you are able to make changes in your life that can help improve your self esteem. You can realize how to build self confidence and become happier in your work as well as your relationships when you learn to love yourself through hypnosis. You can choose those things that are more in alignment with who you really are and create more abundance and prosperity in your life.

Three: Honor Your Body

True magic comes from fully accepting, respecting, and loving your body. Doing this can lead you down a path to success and health for a lifetime. Only when you learn to love yourself and take care of you, can you be able to give to those you love. Through this hypnosis session you can make your body your first priority. You know deep down that body acceptance and respect is the secret to better health, which is the secret to having more energy, love, and compassion for your family and your job. Being able to accept your body and appearance can help you improve your self esteem and how to build self confidence about who you are and the choices you make. This new found confidence can start to show in all other areas of your life in ways you would never have previously imagined.

Four: Future Self Visualization

Imagine a Future, having an abundance of everything that you would ever need or want in this life because you were able to learn to love yourself and how to build self confidence that you can become the master of your life. You can achieve all the goals you set for yourself and more! With this simple, natural hypnosis program from Victoria Gallagher the world is literally your oyster.

Five: Affirmations with Induction

Through this hypnosis session you can learn to deeply relax and enjoy a session that lasts approximately 20 minutes. During this session you can improve your self esteem by listening to some of the best self esteem boosting affirmations you have ever heard. When you participate in this session on a regular basis these affirmations can be installed into your subconscious mind, there are approximately forty affirmations in all, and these affirmations can help know how to build self confidence naturally and comfortably in your waking life.

Six: Original Self esteem Track from True to You

Self esteem is the way that you see yourself, feel about yourself and value yourself. The best way to improve your self esteem the quickest is to begin getting in touch with your inner truths and sharing the truth of yourself with everyone around you. So long as you keep the truth of who you are at your innermost core to yourself, you can continue to be filled with self defeating doubt and feelings. When you learn to love yourself for who you are with the help of this unique hypnosis program you can immediately find out how to build self confidence and present the core truths of yourself with absolute assurance of personal acceptance.

Seven: Self-Confidence Track from True to You

Self-confidence is knowing that you have the ability to do whatever you want to do and really doing it. Imagine being able to set a worthy goal, knowing you can achieve it and then going forward to actually achieve it steadily and naturally. You can do just that with this hypnosis program. It can allow you to grasp and understand the mental blocks that have been standing in the way of how to build self confidence and improve your self esteem. By continued listening to this program you can find yourself achieving more of what you want and feeling better about yourself more and more all the time.

Eight: Vocabulary that Creates Low Self esteem

Non-hypnosis Talk: You talk to yourself all day long. Find out if what you are saying to yourself is actually creating low self esteem. Learn what you can say to yourself instead to replace the old habit of creating negative energy around yourself through your thought patterns. Learn eight new and effortless thinking styles, and more that can ultimately lead to low self esteem and how to correct them. Listen to this track over and over again in your car while running errands or on your way to work. You can begin to notice the changes in how you think and feel in no time!

Nine: Affirmations without Induction

These are affirmations that are for you to use when not under hypnosis. This track repeats and reinforces the affirmations offered on track five, without the hypnosis induced relaxation. In order to help you improve your self esteem to its greatest heights you can listen to these affirmations daily. Rotate them with the thoughts and processes in track eight to fully round out the benefits you receive from this whole program.

When you buy Victoria's 9 Session Self Esteem Hypnosis Workshop for only $79.00 today you can not only discover how to build self confidence, but open up a whole new world of opportunities for yourself.

hypnosis cd
Self-Esteem Workshop - CDs
  • Build Self-Confidence.

  • Create a deep self-love and sense of well-being.

  • Treat yourself with high levels of self-respect.



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