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Would you like to let go of Stress and Anxiety?

Would you like to feel Peaceful, Calm and Confident?

This session is twenty-minutes of affirmations to help you align your thoughts throughout the day with Peace and Serenity. Explore the beneficial results when you listen to twenty minutes of Stress Relief Affirmations that you can use to help you easily let go of stress and anxiety.

When you listen to Victoria's calm and soothing voice, and recite the affirmations along with her on your way to work, or home, you can set the tone for the rest of your day. When you hear and listen to these affirmations you feel better and better. Enjoy listening to this wonderful compilation of affirmations for Releasing Stress and Anxiety.

Track includes 20 Unique Affirmations stated 3 times each in First Person and 3 times each in Second Person for over 120 Powerful Affirmations You'll also hear the beautiful echo's of whispered affirmations multiple times between each affirmation Affirmations work best when you really tune into the FEELINGS repeat them in your mind them with confidence and conviction. Here are a few of the affirmations you'll hear:

• I breathe in peace and breathe out stress

• Every cell of my body is relaxing.

• I allow all my worries to just drift away.

• I feel completely safe and secure.

• I prefer being in the now.

downloadable video
  • Gain a Millionaire Mindset.

  • Positive money suggestions for your mind.

  • Invite new possibilities for money.


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