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Anxiety Relief Scripts

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Help your clients Overcome Anxiety!

7 Hypnotic Techniques!

  • 1. Diaphragm Breathing

  • 2. Get Rid of Hyperventilation

  • 3. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • 4. The Projection Room

  • 5. Anchoring in Peace

  • 6. Anxiety as an Object

  • 7. Anxiety Affirmations

These are the same scripts used in the Audio program; Anxiety Relief, by Victoria Gallagher!
You can use these techniques in an anxiety workshop, or one on one with your clients to help them to overcome anxiety.

You may even find that these scripts, with a few alterations can work quite well in various other situations as well.

Anxiety Relief Scripts
  • Release Stress and Anxiety.

  • Find Peace.

  • Take Control of Your Life.


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