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Are you interested in Wholesale Opportunities?


If you have a retail store that you would like to see our products for sale, you can now apply to become a wholesaler and qualify for 50% or more in discount savings.


Just fill out the simple application and we will contact you shortly.


You can become a wholesaler with as little of a purchase of only 20 items and receive 50% off.  That means you COULD qualify for well under $200.00!


Discount Key

  • bulletQuantity of 20-99 = 50% off
  • bulletQuantity of 100-499 = 55% off
  • bulletQuantity of 500-4999 = 60% off
  • bulletQuantity of 5000-9999 = 65% off
  • bulletQuantity of 10,000-99,999 = 70% off
  • bulletQuantity of 100,000+ = 75% off


We currently recommend making a separate account with us for wholesale orders as when you sign up, your order minimum will be set to your wholesale level which would conflict with any standard purchases you wish to make.


You may purchase our programs to sell in your store, or on your website at a significant discount to our retail price upon approval.

If you plan to purchase a minimum of 20 CD's at a time, you may qualify for the wholesale prices, starting at 50% off and going up from there, depending on the quantity purchased.