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Motivation Now - CDs
Are you ready to take the first step toward overcoming procrastination?

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hypnosis cd

Are you unable to overcome procrastination?

Do you find that you procrastinate even when attempting the most simple of tasks?

Do you feel you need a little extra help gaining motivation?

With Victoria's naturally formulated hypnosis program you can find yourself able to overcome procrastination and comfortably increase your motivation to complete all the tasks you have been postponing. She understands how easy it is to get overwhelmed with all the things you obligate yourself to do. In this two session program you can learn what thought processes are counterproductive to gaining motivation; how to alter these thoughts and behaviors and overcome procrastination.

Track One: Take the Next Step

You have already taken the first step towards gaining motivation by purchasing this hypnosis course. In this session Victoria can calmly lead you through all the thoughts and occurrences in your life that have affected the way you think and act when it comes to time management. Whether it be an event or series of them that has caused you to over extend yourself to others, or just negative energy and thought processes that are preventing you from being able to increase your motivation and get going. Through this session you can get in touch with a time in your past that you achieved a goal that was important to you. You can feel the pride and the sense of clarity that you felt in that moment. You can harness the surge of energy that coursed through you when you realized you were done, and bring those feelings, thoughts, and emotions into your present situation.

Track Two: Parts Therapy

Through the next session you can face the side of you that has the tendency to procrastinate. Through hypnosis you can come into touch with the fears that keep you from gaining motivation, the parts of yourself that tend towards laziness. Through following Victoria's calm and soothing tones you can find how those parts are holding you back. You can renegotiate your thought processes in order to increase your motivation in the future.

When you buy this program for $39.00 you can overcome procrastination and lead a fuller more relaxed lifestyle in no time.

hypnosis cd
Motivation Now - CDs
  • Gain motivation to do what needs to be done.

  • Let go of the feeling of overwhelm.

  • Become more productive in your everyday life.

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