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Breathing Exercises to Manage Urges to Smoke

There will be occasional moments when your hands will fidget and reach for a cigarette. Your subconscious mind has been instructed, in hypnosis, that these urges will soon pass. Hypnosis has given you the power to eliminate the craving for a cigarette. You have what it takes to stop smoking .... and you have done it .... now, keep your word to yourself.


If you are in a situation in which you used to smoke, it is only natural that you will think about a cigarette. Instead of thinking self-defeating thoughts like, "I'd love to have a cigarette right now, " remind yourself how far you have come and how much you have accomplished. Tell yourself that you do not smoke nor do you want to smoke. Take a long, slow relaxing breath, go on with what you are doing and that thought will readily pass. Even if you do nothing about the urge, it will pass in a few seconds.


Putting attention to your breathing helps get you centered, focused, and reminded of your personal commitment.


* An effective quick inhalation exercise that will help you cope with a stressful situation.

* Form your mouth into a small circle and as if you were inhaling on a cigarette or going to whistle then, take a breath, inhaling through the circle you formed with your mouth. Throw your head back gently. Now, exhales through your mouth in the same manner, and relax. Repeat as necessary. Breathing exercises will help you reduce tension.



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  • Manage your cigarette cravings.
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